Digital Reinvention

Digital Transformation an opportunity or forced change?

We have reached a critical moment in the age of Digital Transformation:

  • From 1960’s to 90’s we digitized the back office
  • From the 90’s to 2010 was the internet era – we digitized commerce and communication
  • Since 2010 we are now completing the final leg of digitization where we are digitizing everything physical.

This is unlocking unprecedented opportunity.

The barrier between companies and consumers is being broken down as digital connection replaces the traditional channels. It has opened new relationships, monetization opportunities and new efficiencies to differentiate, to lead or to be led by your competition – the critical moment is to take action is now.

Organizations that emphasize customer experience over product will win out in the digital disruption game, according to a new global c-suite study. The new IBM report, shares insights from more than 12,800 respondents across 6 c-suite roles from 112 countries, including 2091 CMO, found organizations of all sizes are prioritizing personalized customer experiences.

Customers demand tailored experiences across every brand touchpoint, but biggest challenge is making sense of your customer data to serve them relevant offers that meet their everchanging desires. To create meaningful omnichannel experiences, you need AI-powered, real-time personalization tools that learn from customer interactions and patterns across offline and online channels in milliseconds.

To know further interact with

Deon Newman  – Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Strategy, IBM Asia Pacific
Nipun Mehrotra – Chief Digital Officer, IBM India/South Asia
Clifford Patrrao – Director and Leader of the Digital Services, IBM GBS, India/South Asia

at CDO Summit 2018

Watson Customer Engagement & Watson IoT Marketing - IBM India/SA

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