Get More Domino in December

There’s a lot to be excited about this Holiday Season with Domino. Here is what we are planning to deliver by the end of 2018 to make your Domino experience even better — so that Domino is the gift that just keeps on giving.


  • IBM Domino App Dev Pack 1.0 eGA: Enables full-stack web developing using JavaScript, Node.js and Domino on Linux
  • Verse on Premises 1.0.6 eGA: The first installment of the iCAL import capability

Second — Domino 10.0.1 and Notes 10.0.1, including:

  • 200+ fixes that were identified during the first and second betas
  • Notes 10.0 for Apple MacOS with an embedded IBM JVM
  • Plan your Notes 10.0.1 upgrade with the built-in inclusion of panagenda MarvelClients Essentials to analyze your Notes and ICAA deployments for FREE

All of the above is available on Passport Advantage. Read the full announcement to learn more.


  • Try Domino V10 at no cost with these non-warranted versions of:
    • Domino Community Server 10.0.1 on Linux and Windows (English-only)
    • Community All Client Bundle 10.0.1 on Windows: Domino Designer, Notes Client, and Admin Client


  • Domino Apps on Cloud is now on V10


An integral part of IBM’s Domino application development strategy, teamWorkr provides a quick way to extend the reach, value, and life of existing applications by providing the tools you need to create modern and responsive HTML 5 user experiences. By combining the IBM Domino Server for rapid application with teamWorkr, organizations can:

  • Eliminate the need to create a new web-based solution and avoid a significant investment of time and money.
  • Be assured their data is protected. The strength of the Domino security system is fully maintained because teamWorkr uses an embedded Notes database.
  • Optimize without the need for additional solution testing, accelerating time to value.
  • Automate the transformation of applications, reducing the need for manual intervention by a developer which can save time and money.
  • Use existing resources and skills in administration, development, and application support, or abundant HTML skills for implementation, customization, and operation.
  • Configure Traveler to always point to teamWorkr. Every link within an email (Doclink, Viewlink or Database link) then points to teamWorkr.
  • Integrate teamWorkr into your portal of choice to give users seamless access to different Domino apps. This includes integration with Microsoft O365 and IBM Connections.
  • And there’s more — don’t miss team technology’s special offer: One4Ever

More information about MarvelClient Essentials

Starting with version 10.0.1, IBM Notes includes the client management solution panagenda MarvelClient Essentials. The solution helps Administrators collect information on end user installs of IBM Notes in an enterprise, and can identify which user is running single vs multi-user clients, who is using ICAA, who is on a Mac, along with which Notes client versions and fix pack users are running.

The inclusion of panagenda MarvelClient Essentials provides the following value and capabilities to an Administrator:

  • Gain efficiency, improve upgrade path, reduce risk, and help desk tickets
  • Continuously analyze and visualize IBM Notes client configurations, operating system details, and desktop icon
  • Improve upgrades by identifying pitfalls upfront, such as insufficient resources or nonstandard installations
  • Deploy files such as your Notes 10 upgrade package, run programs, and manage the Windows Registry
  • Provide IT, helpdesk, and management with all necessary details, facts, and figures

For more information and steps to get started, watch this video and see Technote 0737079.

Happy Holidays from the Domino team!

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