With IBM Cloud, Avetta Global gives organizations the freedom to innovate

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Avetta Global cloudTraditional, on-premises infrastructure can hold businesses back. Costly, inflexible and difficult to maintain, on-premises hardware is often a drain on limited internal resources, particularly for smaller organizations.

This is why Avetta Global is on a mission to move its clients’ systems to the IBM Cloud, freeing them from the hassle of having to manage their own infrastructure.

Making IT disappear

Avetta Global has long promoted the value of cloud computing, helping companies such as urban ad provider Alchemy Media make the move to cloud. Like many businesses, Alchemy Media wanted to spend less time managing its IT infrastructure and more time innovating.

Alchemy Media approached us because they wanted our help making their IT systems “invisible.” We get this kind of request all the time. Clients come to us because they don’t want to have to think about infrastructure or networking. They want us to take care of it.

Alchemy struggled with network bandwidth issues, which meant that remote users couldn’t access important line-of-business (LOB) applications hosted at the head office. We stabilized and rationalized the on-premises systems to solve the immediate issue and recommended cloud computing as the best way forward.

A new approach

At the time, Avetta Global was working with a major public cloud provider to host systems for its clients. But when a trusted partner advised looking at IBM Cloud instead, we were blown away.

For us, IBM Cloud was a total no-brainer. A lot of public clouds seem to have thrown together a stack of open source tools, but the IBM Cloud is very well constructed from a network engineer’s perspective and really easy to navigate. We saw right away how simple it would be to extend Alchemy’s infrastructure into the IBM Cloud.

Avetta Global migrated Alchemy’s systems from eight physical servers to five IBM Cloud bare metal servers running VMware vSphere. Avetta used VMware vSphere vMotion to virtualize the existing servers and migrate them to the new virtual network non-disruptively and in a matter of days.

Users were none the wiser. In fact, Alchemy only realized the migration had happened when the old servers were rolled out of the office. We see that as a job well done.

Win-win with IBM Cloud

For Alchemy, the pressure’s off. The company gained a stable, security-rich platform for its LOB applications that delivers the high level of performance needed to support operations. Critically, migrating from on-premises servers to IBM Cloud bare metal servers means that Alchemy no longer needs to worry about infrastructure. Instead, the media agency can focus all its efforts and resources on business innovation.

As the cloud service provider, switching to the IBM Cloud saves us time and effort around day-to-day infrastructure management. The bare metal servers are extremely reliable and very easy to use, which keeps administration to a minimum. Hosting client systems on the IBM Cloud means that there’s not actually that much for us to do. Once we’ve architected something that fits the client’s requirements, the cloud infrastructure is fairly low maintenance.

Alchemy is reporting better performance, better availability and lower IT costs. They’re very impressed with their IBM Cloud service; and, if our clients are happy, we’re happy.

Since selecting IBM as our preferred cloud provider, Avetta Global has been officially recognized as an IBM Cloud Star Partner. This means that our company has the skills, expertise and resources required to meet the IBM strategy for success.

Having the IBM seal of approval gives both our existing and prospective clients a huge confidence boost in our services. We’re already looking forward to what our partnership with IBM brings in the years to come.

Read more about how Avetta Global helped Alchemy Media transform its IT in the case study.

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