It’s been one year. Congratulations IBM Bluemix Garage Method!

Congratulations to the IBM Bluemix Garage Method. It's been one year since the Method first went live and the team continues to deliver and evolve the content.

DevOps architecture is now available on the Bluemix Garage Method site!

If you haven’t visited the Architecture or Tracks pages recently, you might have missed some major changes. The existing track page has been enhanced to include the related DevOps architecture and toolchain, which will help you quickly get started building your application in the cloud.

How the development team builds the IBM Bluemix Garage Method website

About one year ago, IBM launched the IBM Bluemix Garage Method website. Have you noticed the many changes in design, content, and function since then? If so, you might wonder how the development team builds the IBM Garage Method website, keeping up with all this churn. As a team member, let me give an overview.

IBM Bluemix Garage Method mini-poll: What we’ve learned

Since the launch of the Bluemix Garage Method website, our team has remained keenly interested in understanding the problems customers face and using what we learn to help determine how they can start adopting DevOps methods that tackle those challenges. To get a better understanding of our customers' needs, we created the IBM Bluemix Garage Method mini-poll. Here's the results.

The Why, What and How of the IBM Bluemix Garage

I am regularly asked what we actually do with clients at the IBM Bluemix Garage and frequently have to dispel misconceptions (which could easily make for their own amusing blog post). In short, we consult in a variety of ways, always focused on our core mission and leveraging our method. Since I get asked this so often, I figured it would be a good topic for a blog.

The IBM Bluemix Garage: Transforming Business from the Inside Out

At IBM, we are leading digital transformations internally as well as with our clients and business partners. The IBM Bluemix Garageis one of the many places where this transformation is happening. I recently finished a multiphase project at the IBM Bluemix Garage in the IoT space. This blog post explains how we make and deliver on big promises here at the Garage.

My experience mentoring Tanmay Bakshi at the Toronto IBM Bluemix Garage

For three months, the IBM Canada Lab had the opportunity of hosting Tanmay Bakshi, a software programming wunderkind from Brampton, Ontario, through a unique student training program tailored just for him. At 12 years old, Tanmay is taking the developer community by storm with several iOS apps, his own "Tanmay Teaches" YouTube Channel, and public-speaking engagements where he has shared his expertise in front of thousands. Throughout the three-month program, Tanmay spent time at the IBM Canada Lab in Markham and the IBM Bluemix Garage in Toronto, learning from seasoned IBM developers, where he enhanced his skills using IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson, and sharing the unique perspective only a 12-year-old whiz kid can impart. Since June, Tanmay was paired with IBMers who helped accelerate Tanmay’s growth as a developer and thinker.

An interview with Tanmay Bakshi at the IBM Bluemix Garage

Tanmay Bakshi, a 12-year old technical wunderkind, gives his unique perspective on the Toronto Bluemix Garage and more.