Introducing the Bluemix Developer Console

We just introduced The Bluemix Developer Console. Extending the current Bluemix Mobile Dashboard, this new experience goes beyond mobile and introduces new tools for quickly creating Cloud Native applications across web, mobile and backend. They aim to greatly cut down on development time by generating application starters with all the necessary boilerplate, build and configuration code, so that developers can start coding business logic faster.

Whip up a GUI for Geospatial Analytics with this Watson IoT Recipe

Have you ever wished that the Geospatial Analytics service provided a GUI allowing you to graphically define geofencing regions and control the service? Well now you can easily build your own GUI using an easy to follow Watson IoT recipe

Get started guides for your favorite runtimes

For many developers, the Hello World starter applications on Bluemix are too basic and the sample applications on page are a bit too advanced. If you agree with this, you'll find our recently released Runtime Getting Started guides extremely helpful.

Free dashDB and Cloudant workshop in London

If you’re going to be in London in March, you may want to check out a free workshop we’re running down at CodeNode in in the heart of the city.

Capture audience feedback with IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk

Emoting mimics the smiley terminals you may see at the airport. In this post, we'll showcase this serverless app built with IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk and Cloudant.

Security and Compliance for IBM dashDB and Cloudant

I often get asked about the security features of IBM dashDB and Cloudant. Both are database services ("DBaaS") offered on IBM Bluemix. Once the security topic is addressed, compliance-related questions are next. A good chunk of questions can be answered by reviewing the provided product documentation.

Importing JSON documents into a NoSQL DB in Bluemix using NoSQLimport

Learn how to import JSON docs into a NoSQL DB using nosqlimport on IBM Bluemix. Includes two hands-on labs which will guide you.

Melding mindsets: The Dat Project brings devs and researchers together to harness data

The Dat Project helps scientific researchers and other academics preserve and share large scientific datasets online and offline. We spoke to founder Max Ogden about the challenges of dealing with these large datasets—and with the scientists who create them.

Moving container workload – On-premise to IBM Bluemix containers to Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Part 1

n our discussions with customers, there is always an area of interest in movement of Docker container workloads from on premise to Cloud Service Providers (CSP). Customers are looking to move to the public cloud to leverage the advantage of agility, auto scaling, life cycle management and the ability to pay as you go.