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Kubernetes versions in IBM Cloud Container Service

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We are excited to announce the availability of Kubernetes v1.10.1 for your clusters that are running in IBM Cloud Container Service.  You can easily update your cluster without the need for deep Kubernetes knowledge. When you deploy new clusters, the default Kubernetes version is now v1.9.7, or you can choose to immediately deploy v1.10.1.  IBM Cloud Container Service now supports the latest four Kubernetes versions: v1.7, v1.8, v1.9, and v1.10.  Please note that following our n-2 version support model, v1.7 will soon be deprecated.

Kubernetes v1.10

Certified Kubernetes versions IBM Cloud Container Service is a Certified Kubernetes product for version 1.10 under the CNCF Kubernetes Software Conformance Certification program.  In addition to all the great Kubernetes features provided in this release, the IBM Cloud Container Service v1.10 update also includes:

See the version 1.10 changelog for details.

Update older Kubernetes versions now

Support for clusters that run Kubernetes v1.5 ended April 4, 2018.  And soon, you won’t be able to deploy Kubernetes v1.7 clusters because support for v1.7 will be coming to an end before July 2018.  It is important to note that clusters that run unsupported Kubernetes versions cannot receive security updates or support until they are updated to a supported version.  Review potential impact of each Kubernetes version update, and then update your unsupported clusters immediately.


If you have questions or concerns, engage our team in Slack. You can register here and join the discussion in the #kubernetes or #questions channels on

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