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Use Virtual Servers to build highly available and scalable web app

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IBM Cloud infrastructure services offer a collection of infrastructure services like compute, storage, network, security, VMware and more. With this in place, let’s explore what it takes to build a highly available and scalable web application on IBM Cloud.

To do that we added a new tutorial to our collection with a step by step guide. In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Create and configure a load balancer
  • Create and configure two application servers running on Ubuntu with NGINX and PHP installed
  • Create and configure a MySQL database server
  • Configure a durable file storage service to store application files and backups.

The tutorial uses the following IBM Cloud products:


  1. The user connects to the application.
  2. The Load Balancer selects one of the healthy servers to handle the request.
  3. The elected server accesses the application files stored on a shared file storage.
  4. The server also pulls information from the database and finally renders the page to the user.
  5. At a regular interval, the database content is backed up. A standby database is the server is available in case the master fails.

Try it today

There is more to discover in this IBM Cloud Infrastructure tutorial. We encourage you to go through the tutorial. It will guide you how to provision multiple servers, set up a load balancer, install and configure MySQL server, configure file storage for backups and more. 

View the tutorial

The tutorials section has a feedback form on the side where you can comment on the content. So if you have suggestions on the existing tutorials or ideas for future additions, please submit your feedback.

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