Announcing the DevOps Insights beta

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The IBM® Cloud DevOps Insights service is now available as an open beta offering.


DevOps Insights automates code quality control for your team. You can keep risky changes out of your critical environments by setting policies for unit tests, code coverage, functional tests, and security. Gates enforce policies in your delivery pipelines so that you can push code changes to staging while being confident that your production environment is safe.

Imagine that you wanted to bring quality control to your DevOps product by preventing builds with less than 80% test coverage from being deployed to a production environment. To do so, you’d add DevOps Insights from the toolchain integrations catalog and create a policy to enforce. Then, you’d update the project’s tests to upload their results for analysis. Finally, you’d insert a gate before the production deployment step in your pipeline. Every build’s test results would be evaluated automatically, and builds that don’t pass would be stopped at the gate.

From a single dashboard, you can see which versions of your apps are running and where they’re running, even when test tools and types differ. DevOps Insights supports popular test result formats such as xUnit, Mocha, Karma, Istanbul, and Blanket. By using DevOps Insights with a toolchain, you can integrate DevOps Insights with other tools. DevOps Insights also supports Jenkins pipelines.

DevOps Insights solves what can be a tricky part of DevOps by helping your team improve its development velocity and its code quality. To see it action, try it in a sample toolchain. To learn more, see the official documentation.

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