Discover dark data behind videos with OpenWhisk and Watson

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Republished from the OpenWhisk blog

Video should soon represent up to 90% of all consumer internet traffic. This is a lot of information, often referred to as “dark data”, that is not simply searchable like a row in a database. In a previous post, I’ve looked at image tagging and face detection with IBM Watson Visual Recognition and Alchemy API. What if we could apply the same technologies to videos to make sense of these “dark data”?

That’s what I did, helped again by IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk and Watson services. The sample application, called Dark Vision, processes videos by extracting frames and tagging these frames independently.

OpenWhisk Dark Vision

(Source code is available in project IBM-Bluemix/openwhisk-darkvisionapp on GitHub).

Once all frames have been analyzed, a summary of the most frequent tags, building and faces is built for the video. The resulting tags and keywords could, for instance, be used to build a recommendation engine to suggest related videos or to display advertisements directly linked to the content of the video; alternatively, they could be used to improve search results. And as we can keep track of which tag appeared in which frame, we could also improve the viewer experience by skipping the video directly to the frame where a tag, or a face was first seen.

Check out this video to see the application in action:

Helped by cognitive technologies like Alchemy API and Watson Visual Recognition, we are able to automatically extract useful information from these videos without having to actually watch them. Combined with OpenWhisk, a cloud-first distributed event-based programming service, we built a system that can process these videos at scale without worrying about the infrastructure or the sizing of the system.

If you have feedback, suggestions, or questions about the app, please reach out to me on Twitter @L2FProd. If you want to see OpenWhisk running in IBM Bluemix, sign-up for the experimental Bluemix OpenWhisk.

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