Bringing greater liquidity and speed to financial institutions

Creation of a unique digital representation of an asset that goes beyond traditional financial instruments, and enables you to trade any kind of asset with more liquidity and speed at lower cost.

Manage the full lifecycle of your digital assets on a secure, scalable platform with risk and compliance programs, to reduce the friction involved in the creation, buying, and selling of securities.


Faster and lower-cost settlement

Reduce complexity, risk, and cost through simultaneous asset transactions on a distributed digital ledger.

New service models

Introduce new liquidity models and products with asset tokenization, whether fungible or non-fungible (NFTs).

High security and scalability

Enable the highest level of security, performance, stability, and openness to help make your vision a reality.

Blockchain for digital assets solutions

IBM Hyper Protect Digital Assets Platform

Provide a digital asset custody infrastructure secured by FIPS 140 2 level 4 HSM technology, providing the most secure handling of keys in the industry.

Risk and compliance advisory

Promontory’s deep, practical regulatory experience will provide the risk and legal framework to government and banks.

Offensive security services

IBM X-Force Red is a global team of hackers hired to uncover risky vulnerabilities that attackers might use. We can help identify, prioritize, and remediate security flaws specific to digital assets.

Blockchain consulting and services

Uses of blockchain for digital assets

Risk framework for digital assets

State Street Digital is working with IBM’s Promontory Financial Group to create a risk and compliance framework for digital assets.

Security and liquidity for digital assets

Hex Trust drives rapid business growth with blockchain innovation — securely connecting capital and service providers across the digital asset ecosystem to remove barriers to business.

Securely integrate cryptocurrencies

METACO leverages IBM Cloud and confidential computing capabilities to help secure its integrated digital asset management solution.


Digital assets: A new paradigm for financial services

How your enterprise can leverage digital assets and what advances have been made over the last four years.

The digitization of real-world assets

Unlock the full value of physical assets as digital tokens to make illiquid assets more accessible and attractive to buyers.

Build a digital asset management app using blockchain

Govern the transactions performed by registered users of the system on the digital assets maintained in the system.

Webinar: Digital assets for financial services

Adoption of digital assets is accelerating as the technology is maturing, regulatory tailwinds are increasing, and demand is growing.

Blockchain for financial services

Build greater trust for all. You can bring new transparency, simplicity, and efficiency to every financial transaction.

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