Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) help you focus on innovation.

IBM Automation with AI for application lifecycle services brings together automation, monitoring and AI decision-making to help lift the burden of repetitive tasks from skilled IT staff. IBM Automation helps organizations identify and fix problems before they affect users and can provide meaningful, context-rich insights so that organizations can spend more time on innovation.

These new capabilities can dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of application testing,  maintenance and management. Based on previous experience, using automation and AI in application testing can reduce defects by 40 percent—dramatically improving quality by preventing versus. fixing issues.  Automation and AI for application maintenance and management can free up to 25 percent of IT resources and eliminate up to 75 percent of incidents, helping to speed time to market. 

Forrester report

Learn how IBM Automation for application management can cut tier 1 service desk tickets by up to 70% and help provide up to 80% reduction in both system recover time and costs.

IBM Automation for application lifecycle services

IBM IGNITE solution for test optimization

Faster testing with automation and AI can reduce costs, test inventory and find defects. IBM IGNITE leverages AI and automation capabilities to put defect prevention front and center of test services, delivering more value with fewer resources. Learn more.

Automation service requests

Users can initiate numerous standard service requests, many of which are performed in real time.

Technical self-heal

Hands-off automated issue resolution results from an application-monitoring solution that raises the incident to be analyzed and resolved automatically.

Agent assist

IBM Watson™ cognitive capabilities help accelerate issue resolution and increase user satisfaction by offering context-rich answers and recommendations

Cognitive service analytics

Ongoing analysis of system, ticket and incident data helps provide actionable insights into business and technical performance improvement opportunities.

Coding assist

Watson coaches junior developers, making them more effective and freeing senior resource time.

Robotic process automation

A catalog of automation use cases can be triggered by a support agent to execute tasks around the clock.

80 percent decrease in prescription-blocking issues

An agent-assist and robotic automation interface was implemented for pharmacy technicians at a multinational retailer to raise issues with blocked prescriptions in real time. Watson technology was trained on a corpus of knowledge surrounding the 21 most common issues, providing faster analysis and resolution using robotic automation where possible. Blocked prescriptions were released on average in three minutes instead of eight hours and the volume of tickets raised to release prescriptions dropped by 80 percent.

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Analyst research

Forrester Research, Inc. studied four IBM automation clients and documented the financial impact of automation and AI on application maintenance and management. 

Case study

Trenitalia turns to IBM IGNITE to reduce application delivery time by 50 percent and improve quality.

Case study

See how Amerisource Bergen leverages automation to transform its enterprise.  


Orchestrating cognitive and robotic responses, IBM Automation with Watson combines the power of cognitive with the capacity of robotics.


See why the latest HfS Blueprint report recognizes IBM as “a strategic partner that has demonstrated the robustness of automation without a single outage.”


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IBM Automation Innovation Centers

IBM Automation Innovation Centers are focused on experiential demonstrations, rapid prototyping and IBM Design Thinking-led co-creation of automation solutions and journeys. Experience automation applied holistically across the enterprise.

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