IT environments are becoming more complex and dispersed. When it comes to technology support, are you positioned to take the lead?

There’s no tolerance for downtime in an always-on world, and keeping everything inside and outside the data center running can be a challenge

Technology support services from IBM provide proactive, reactive, onsite and remote IT support for over 30,000 IBM and non-IBM devices. Our advanced technologies and global partnerships with leading networking, security and software providers can help you simplify IT support management by streamlining multiple contracts to deliver OEM-quality IT support through a single point of contact. You can see significant savings, extend the life of your equipment and reduce the time spent managing vendor relationships for your multi-vendor data center and across your IT environment.

Manage your entire multi-vendor environment with a single point of contact

With a 94% first-call hardware success rate, IBM Multi-Vendor IT Support Services works with you to maximize IT investments and streamline support for your entire multi-vendor IT environment.

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Services offered

Multi-vendor IT Support Services

Simplify IT support management by streamlining multiple OEM and vendor contracts to a single vendor with the expertise to care for all your technology support needs. Improve availability, resolve issues quickly and reduce outages across your entire IT environment.

Hardware and Software Support Services

Get proactive service and support from the people who know your IBM systems best. With our analytics, cognitive technologies and expertise, we can help identify and resolve most issues in a single call.

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