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Simplify your IT support operations, improve IT reliability and streamline asset management. IBM Support Insights delivers actionable indicators for preventive maintenance that are designed to reduce gaps in support coverage, improve your IT management, and lower your IT risk across IBM and other OEM systems.

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Standard subscription

IBM Support Insights is a cloud-based service that acts as a single pane of glass, which unifies the support experience across IBM and the multivendor infrastructure. This helps IT teams manage inventory, proactively improve uptime, and address security vulnerabilities with analytics-driven insights and preventive maintenance recommendations.

Pro subscription

IBM Support Insights Pro takes datacenter-support strategy and infrastructure planning to the next level. It expands security CVE risk analysis to compare current and vendor-recommended operating system levels, provides prioritized actions by vendor and product family to speed IT lifecycle decision-making, and further improves reliability with extended case history and analysis.

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Benefits Detect and prioritize security exposures

Leverage security alerts, recommendations and prioritization capabilities to quickly address critical exposures.

Reduce costs

Experience up to a 25% reduction in maintenance and support spending.¹

Increase efficiency

Reduce time spent on hardware support tasks by 20%.¹

How IBM assisted Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada:

“The IBM team has brought forth tremendous value with IBM Support Insights Pro and their deep expertise within the network space which previously required us to allocate a resource or be charged a fee to create a BoM. The ongoing collaboration and relationship between Cisco and IBM assures that we maintain a strong support strategy, but also enables deeper insights into the future of networking infrastructure. The IBM team has been instrumental in allowing us to see the future state of the City.”

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Inventory management Reduce time spent on inventory management with automated multivendor infrastructure asset discovery, customized inventory views and exports, and support coverage and change analysis.

Risks and recommendations Get ahead of potential security exposures with alerts for security vulnerabilities, IT environment risk scores and prescriptive recommendations for how to remediate potential issues.

Case metrics Leverage support case history to identify patterns and hotspots impacting system availability.

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IBM Support Insights helps you proactively manage your inventory, identify contract and security exposures, and avoid downtime to better manage the device health and growing costs of your IT estate.


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¹The Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM Hybrid IT Support, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of IBM, January 2023.