Five good reasons to use IBM Cloud Automation Services

Enable improved cost savings, service quality and uptime

IBM Cloud Automation Services give you a more rapid and predictable response by automating how you process and remediate activities. This automation allows genuine only tasks that require remediation to be queued for action which can reduce error rates. By handling severity tickets almost instantaneously, IBM helps decrease the number of high-severity tickets and reduce the business impact from downtime.

Simplify infrastructure and reduce expense

IBM Cloud Automation Services are provided in an “as-a-service” model, delivered via cloud, so no heavy infrastructure or expensive software deployment is needed. Having deployed over 500 clients, 350,000 devices and more than 350 million tickets automated, IBM has deep knowledge of both the technology and processes inherent in enterprise IT automation.

Increase business growth

IBM can apply our robust automation capability to manage servers, databases, middleware, groupware, storage, network, security and various other business applications. You can expand and diversify your business by improving availability, resiliency and performance. Our analytics-driven continual service improvement capability identifies automation use cases, improvement opportunities and successful patterns to apply IBM know-how and experience from other clients worldwide.

Promote improved efficiency and productivity

At IBM we test automation use cases to execute tasks with high accuracy which can reduce human error. This results in improved efficiency and service responsiveness. We can drastically reduce the average amount of labor time associated with incident resolution or fulfillment – allowing your staff to focus on more strategic priorities.

Gain a high level of expertise with IBM

IBM has best-of-breed technologies and deep automation expertise from over 380 implementations in diverse client environments worldwide. We can integrate and optimize automation capabilities in your enterprise with the least amount of disruption while conserving your prior investments in tools and technologies. We can seamlessly integrate insights from our analytic and cognitive engines, such as IBM Watson™, to continuously expand and improve automation in your environment.

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