Decision management software and solutions

Model, manage and automate repeatable business decisions across your enterprise with intelligence.

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Integrated decision management solutions

To stay competitive and meet ever-rising customer expectations in today’s fast-moving digital world, businesses need to make better decisions faster. Most waste time and resources gathering unactionable insights and rely on rigid applications. Instead, they need advanced analytics combined with business rules to turn insights into practical, personalized and immediate customer actions to generate measurable business results. IBM offers an integrated suite that enables businesses to easily manage the entire lifecycle of decisions. With IBM decision management solutions, you can: 

  • Create and manage business logic independently from applications and processes.
  • Make decisions with precision, targeting each customer interaction intelligently.
  • Business rules software is typically quick and easy to update, giving businesses the agility and speed to meet changing demands.

IBM introduces open source offerings for workflow and decisions


Infuse intelligence into operational decisions When you combine prescriptive business rules with predictive modeling, you can use machine learning to automate repeatable decisions and gain a competitive advantage. Empower business users

Use business rules software to intuitively model, author and validate decisions in a low-code environment.

Make better decisions

Combine AI with predictive analytics to improve your decision-making process.

Optimize customer experiences

Use advanced analytics to adapt to real-time changes and exceed customer expectations.

Case studies

Decision management case studies See how intelligent decision automation drives operational excellence. Setting a new course for ocean research

ProMare and IBM launch the Mayflower Autonomous Ship, a maritime crewless research vessel, to trace the original Mayflower’s route and perform vital ocean research during the voyage and in the future.

Read the case study Download "Give Your Business Its Own AI Captain" (941 KB)
Maximizing patient outcomes with IBM

The National Health Service Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) optimized its organ allocation schemes to achieve equity and maximize utility within the UK's organ donation structure.

Read the case study
Managing rapidly growing workloads

The PNC Financial Services Group Inc. automated 50 business processes across multiple lines of business (LOBs) at the bank and put more than five million automated business rules in production.

Read the case study

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