IBM Watson Explorer webinar series

Regardless of your particular business or data interest, don’t miss the chance to go beyond enterprise search to get the information you are looking for while uncovering trends, patterns and relationships. Join IBM Watson’s experts to learn how to get the most from your experience with Watson Explorer, help improve your business, and digitally disrupt your industry.

Attend one or all of these sessions for examples and answers to your most challenging questions.

This series will help you learn how to:

  • Get a unified view of information from ALL sources to enable new insights and better decisions
  • Deliver insights from unstructured content
  • Apply cognitive computing to scale human expertise

On demand webinars

Gain cognitive insights and build a scalable cognitive solution in minutes

Learn how to get started on the new Watson Explorer and how to make it easy to build custom cognitive solutions - at scale.

Moving from data to insights: The future is cognitive

Watson Explorer offers a natural and cumulative foundation for advanced natural language processing (NLP) to cognitive computing. Bringing new insights, in one place, across multiple data sources.

How content analytics can help manufacturers

Learn how to automatically read and analyze thousands of consumer complaints to uncover potential hidden issues. Find language that is highly correlated to patterns that can help identify the root cause of problems.

5 industries using data to solve their biggest data challenges

New tools and services are helping companies across industries redefine outcomes at an incredible pace. By streamlining data gathering and analysis, these companies have improved performance and revenue across their organizations. Join Thrupthi "Trips" Reddy, take a closer look at companies in 5 industries that are leading the charge.

Hidden in plain sight

Armed with the right cognitive solutions you can derive the valuable insights hidden in structured and unstructured data (including documents, emails, chats, call center transcripts, social media content, customer feedback and industry reports).

Here, there, everywhere

Join Watson expert, Molly Hartwick, as she shows you how cognitive solutions can help empower your business by identifying data to make better, more informed decisions.

How Toyota Financial is using data to redefine customer service

Learn how Watson Explorer is helping companies like Toyota Financial Services deliver the right information to employees in a faster, more comprehensive way, improving customer experience while reducing operating costs, call handling time and churn.

Infuse knowledge into cognitive applications faster than ever before

Learn an innovative new approach to training natural language processing models that opens up new possibilities for cognitive computing and domain expertise across industries.  

Leveraging the cloud to drive innovation and business growth

Learn how you too can leverage the significant capabilities of the cloud with cognitive exploration and discovery solutions that are flexible, adaptable and easy to adopt.