Making Beautiful Things with Data

One of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, Data Scientist Hilary Mason discusses the future of machine learning and data analytics. Learn how your business can use these tools to move from insight to action to competitive advantage.

Hilary Mason

Hilary Mason uses technology to unearth hidden insights, from how to catch people’s attention online, to where you can find the best burgers in New York City. She has been at the forefront of machine learning, AI, and analytics. She is the co-founder of Fast Forward Labs, Data Scientist in Residence at Accel and is the former Chief Scientist at Bitly.

Where Data Goes Next

Data is the natural resource of the 21st Century. How you acquire it, share it, secure it, and use will ultimately determine if you can transform your business, build better products, know your customers better, and drive revenue. Host and explainer-in-chief, BBC Anchor Kate Silverton and IBM’s Rob Thomas invite you to connect with the people pioneering where data goes next.

Rob Thomas

No, he’s not that Rob Thomas. But as General Manager of the IBM Analytics Platform, Thomas is a rock star of the data world. In a world where insights are critical to success, he sees that so much data is trapped – trapped behind firewalls, trapped because we aren’t asking the right questions, trapped because we don’t have the right tools to visualize and analyze the data.

Data Science Is a Team Sport

Hilary Mason and Marc Altshuller reveal the magic of data science as collaborative team approach to challenge bias and be successful today with data science.

Marc Altshuller

Analyze your way to business success. Marc Altshuller, General Manager, IBM Business Analytics, has found a niche developing software that makes sales easier by using analytics to make sense of complicated transactions.

Get Ready for GDPR

GDPR, the EU General Data Protection Regulation, goes live May 25 2018. GDPR is a complex and far-reaching regulation, comprising many duties & obligations that touch the personal data of individuals possessed by every organization in numerous ways and at all levels. We have expertise, assessment and engagement methodology to accelerate your GDPR readiness journey, which will be shared in this breakout session.

Seth Dobrin

How can data science solve the world’s biggest challenges and yield new insights for your business? Ask Dr. Seth Dobrin, Vice President and Chief Data Officer for IBM Analytics. From applying genetics data to find the causes of neuropsychiatric disorder to leading the data science transformation of a Fortune 500 company, Dr. Dobrin has spent his career using technology to address previously intractable problems.



John Bowman

John Bowman is a Senior Principal at Promontory, an IBM company. In this role he advises clients on all aspects of compliance with data-protection laws and regulations. Prior to joining Promontory, John worked at the U.K. Ministry of Justice, where he was the head of EU and international data-protection policy and was the U.K. government’s lead negotiator on the proposed EU General Data Protection Regulation.

The Biggest Balancing Act: Hybrid Data Management

Hear how 15 minutes could change your business with IBM’s new fast and seamless integration of your company’s data management system.

Dinesh Nirmal

Dinesh Nirmal, Vice President of IBM Analytics Development, delivers advanced analytics solutions covering data management, Hadoop, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more. He is Site Executive of IBM Silicon Valley Laboratories, an R Consortium board member, and also owns the mission for the IBM Machine Learning Hub and IBM Spark Technology Center.

22 June 2017
13:00 CET
Infinity Hotel and Conference Center,
Munich, Germany