Ironside helps their clients use data to make better decisions about their business.

Ironside helps companies translate business goals and challenges into technology solutions that enable insightful analysis and data-driven decision making. Our capabilities span a variety of IT and business focuses. Regardless of your industry or specific business challenges, Ironside has the experience and knowledge to help transform your analytic environment and achieve your desired outcomes.

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Discover three ways to modernize your Cognos investment

In this on-demand webinar, Ironside explores how to offer more modern capabilities for the organizations leveraging Cognos for analytics and how to drive adoption of the “augmented analytics” features of the newest version, as well as demonstrate how legacy Cognos customers can harvest the investments made in enterprise BI solutions while addressing the promised “business empowerment” of the newer-to-market data discovery tools.

Ironside Solutions

Ironside's offerings are aligned with the unique needs of your company.

Image depicting a police officer on patrol using the predictive policing platform


Ironside’s IronShield predictive policing platform gives police departments the tools and knowledge they need to anticipate criminal behavior and proactively prevent crime. It utilizes powerful predictive models tailored for each community’s unique geography, weather, and history right from the start through its core module for hot spot policing, producing intuitive visual map displays of where crime is most likely to occur thus arming officers with the facts they need to know with certainty when and where incidents are most likely to happen during their patrols and what activities or individuals to watch for.

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Undergraduate Enrollment

Maximize enrollment yield by attracting the students who are most likely to accept and succeed.  Colleges and Universities want to be more proactive with their admissions strategy by projecting which of their applicants are most likely to continue on past their freshman year, giving admissions officers a better understanding of which prospective students would be the best fit for acceptance.

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Predict student outcomes and prescribe measures to improve higher education student success. Identify leading behavioral indicators and prescribe interventional actions and support.

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IronFund takes the mystery out of the fundraising process and lets you know with certainty that every donation call you make will be productive. It goes beyond simply gathering data on prospective contributors, instead turning that data into powerful, actionable predictions that show you which of your prospects are most likely to donate. Once these predictive models are established, IronFund links their results back into your business intelligence environment to create a centralized reporting hub that tracks past, present, and future in a single location. This sets up a system that is continuously refining itself and bringing you more and more solid leads.

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AI Jump-Start

Ironside’s AI Jump-Start is designed to anticipate all of the challenges you’ll face when starting your organization’s journey towards AI/ML maturity.  It is a powerful data science accelerator that brings together strategy, execution, process and governance, mentorship and education, and best-in-class smart technology in a single managed platform.  Drawing upon over a decade of applying data science to business problems, we’ve combined our consulting expertise with class leading technology partners to generate rapid business value, and onboard data science as an organizational capability.

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Data & Analytics Roadmap

Drawing on nearly two decades of applied experience, while serving over five hundred enterprise clients from diverse industries, Ironside has developed a proprietary framework for assessing and progressing an organization’s data and analytics maturity. Grounded in data strategy, this framework functions as a decision model for when, and how, you make investments in people, process and technology in order to generate business value from data. 

Creating custom data frameworks with Greg Bonnette, VP Data & Analytics Strategy at Ironside

Listen to Greg Bonnette, Vice President of Data & Analytics Strategy at Ironside as he chats with host Al Martin of IBM.

Greg comes on Al's Making Data Simple podcast to discuss more in depth about his role engaging with clients and striving to find appropriate business solutions to their data problems. Discover typical industry issues and hear how Greg overcomes in this can't-miss episode.

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