Introducing Essextec — An IBM Global Elite Partner

Essextec, a Converge company, is an award winning, innovative firm with intellectually curious and highly skilled teams. We help organizations solve significant challenges by applying innovative Cloud, Cognitive, and Cybersecurity technologies. As trusted advisers, we consistently enable our clients to exceed their goals and objectives, ensuring long-term success.

Essextec cognitive journey workshop

Begin your cognitive journey with Essextec

As an award-winning IBM Watson® innovation partner, Essextec has the knowledge, experience, and best practices in cognitive computing. With our expertise, we have been able to help many organizations with cognitive business solutions that understand, reason and learn.

During the Essextec CI Two-Day Cognitive Journey Workshop, our experts will work with your business leaders to:

  • Define the Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence landscape for your team.
  • Gain an understanding of what is capable with cognitive computing today.
  • Review internal and licensed data sources available to your organization.
  • Identify potential business uses for cognitive computing within your organization.

IBM Global Elite and Essextec case study: Finding the right SMEs

Finding the right subject matter experts within a large organization took days and sometimes weeks of navigating informal networks — potentially causing lost opportunities — and annually cost the client an estimated USD 20 million in productivity loss. 

Essextec AI and cognitive developers and architects built an Expertise Locator solution using IBM Watson Explorer as a cognitive search and analytics engine. 

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