Fraud impacts ROI


of business leaders cite fraud as a growing concern over the past 12 months¹

USD 44 billion

worldwide losses due to fraud by 2025²


of declined e-commerce sales transactions were false positives²

Solve your fraud and risk challenges

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Data issues

Your challenge

Digital transformation intensifies data issues. Data silos and data overload can lead to an incomplete view of risk exposures, preventing visibility of patterns and behaviors needed for prediction.

Our solution

An end-to-end data science solution to scale analysis across your entire organization. Ability to speed modeling, training and deployment time while simplifying collaboration and adhering to a strong governance and security posture.

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Predicting fraud

Your challenge

The rarity of fraudulent activity creates imbalanced data sets. Today's fast transaction times and ever-evolving fraudster schemes make it increasingly difficult to immediately identify, predict, counteract and recover.

Our solution

A platform that supports visual programming in order to upskill your team. More data science for more people, faster discovery and deployment, and deep learning and advanced analytics allow you to move from detection to prediction.

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Cost of fraud

Your challenge

False positives require costly manual investigations. ROI is negatively impacted through loss payouts and damaged public image.

Our solution

Make faster, more accurate decisions. Leverage unstructured data and enable deep learning and neural networks to reduce false positives. Use pre-trained API's and one-click tooling to train and develop models faster.

Featured solution: IBM Watson Studio

The IBM Watson® Studio platform provides an end-to-end data science solution that quickly puts AI to work, helping your organization stay ahead of fraudsters. As a single platform for collaborative model development, Watson Studio makes it possible for cross-functional business and technical teams to work together quickly and seamlessly.

Watson Studio enables different sets of users to work together regardless of the types of users they are. It supports teams with easy tooling to help automate tasks and with more advanced tools such as deep learning and neural networks. To learn more, watch this video showing IBM Watson Studio at work in a fraud prediction scenario.

Harness the power of AI at scale

Quickly put AI to work

Watson Studio provides a true business environment on a single platform for users to develop, train and manage models that support fraud detection and prediction.

Enable more employees

Tools such as AutoAI, data refinery and low-code visual modeling help automate tasks for data scientists, and simplify modeling for business users.

Stay ahead of fraudsters

Detect and prevent fraud with a platform that supports advanced tools such as deep learning, neural network frameworks and models in a security-rich, governed environment.

Get deeper customer insights

Easy tooling and access to more types of data — including unstructured data — enables more in-depth investigation and prediction.

Resources to learn more

Accelerating service and controlling risk

DSK Bank protects itself against loss with rapid and accurate credit risk assessments.

Podcast: JPMorgan Chase -Pioneers in Risk Prediction

Hear from Elenita Elinon of JPMorgan Chase, recognized as one of the top 40 Women Leaders in Data and AI for her work with risk and fraud.

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