What is enterprise content management (ECM)?

Enterprise Content Management solutions enable an organization to take full advantage of the customer information and company knowledge embedded in their content. Previously unstructured and unavailable, content comes alive in digital business applications that engage customers, automate business processes, enhance collaboration, and govern and protect content throughout its lifecycle.

IBM ECM offers content services and solutions that support your digital transformation and help you build a cognitive business that is confident, efficient, and competitive. Only IBM offers the complete set of Enterprise Content Management capabilities to capture, protect, activate, analyze and engage with content for greater insight and action.


Content management platform

Manage your content where it is created. Securely collaborate on and share content where and when it is needed from any device. Protect it and make it easier to find. Implement enterprise archival and retrieval. Deploy it in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid.

Document capture and imaging

Quickly capture both paper and digital documents wherever they enter your organization. With automatic classification and extraction of data, you can accelerate client related business processes and reduce overall operations cost.

Case management

Present the relevant information for cases in context of content-related processes like customer service, loan applications or claim adjudication.

In the spotlight

ECM @ Work

Join the ECM at Work virtual series to see how content can help you cost-effectively personalize customer interactions and streamline your digital business without sacrificing performance. 


Moving content management applications to the cloud

Gartner paper outlines how to strategically plan to move content to the cloud, and assess the right cloud deployment model for your organization.

Putting an end to content chaos

Learn how cognitive and cloud-based ECM helps you protect your content while giving you a competitive advantage.

Harness content to deliver a superior customer experience

Learn how issues and solutions are addressed around managing content as employees rely on content every day, but all too often they have to constantly piece together the information they need.

HSBC & IBM develop cognitive intelligence solution to digitize global trade

Working with IBM, HSBC deployed an automated solution to simplify how millions of international commerce documents that are used daily get processed.

Customer success

Banco Galicia

Banco Galicia goes paperless to support top-notch customer service and unlock massive efficiency gains by using IBM ECM solutions.

Conqord Oil

Working with IBM Business Partner IDM Consulting, Conqord Oil built a new digital platform that is helping it improve the way team's access and manage safety card data.


Ferservizi partnered with IBM and SAP to create an integrated, digital operations solution that removes paper-based processes, introduces automation, and empowers staff to work more effectively.