Chief Data Officer is the missing ingredient in creating an AI Enterprise

The emergence of the Chief Data Officer comes at a time when data is considered the lifeblood of any organization. However, the rise of the Chief Data Officer is largely due to more and more organizations acknowledging that data is a critical piece in harnessing AI technology.

The Chief Data Officer is responsible for coming up with a game plan for a connected enterprise and data monetization strategy. As the connecting thread between AI and traditional data management, the chief data officer is tasked with overseeing data strategy, governance, policy and realizing the full value of data as a corporate asset.

What is a Cognitive Enterprise?

Two leading data luminaries share their experiences with theCUBE

Seth Dobrin, VP & Chief Data Officer, IBM Analytics, and Jennifer Gibbs, VP, Enterprise Data Management at TD Bank, talk data strategy, governance and innovation at the 2017 CDO Summit.

How to build a data-driven organization

Caitlin Halferty, IBM client engagement executive, and John Backhouse, CIO at CareEnroll, discuss data strategy at the 2017 IBM CDO Summit.

The evolution of data infrastructure, storage and processing

IBM’s Bina Hallman, VP, offering management executive, and Steven Eliuk, VP, deep learning, Global Chief Data Office, share their thoughts on the future of data at Think 2018.

What is an AI Enterprise?

Discover how unstructured data can be combined with historical data to make smarter, insight-driven decisions.

IBM Chief Data Officer Playbook

Play to win the data game. Get insights, advice and tools to improve your decision making. Learn more about the data strategy, governance, monetization and innovation in today’s disruptive, data-driven world.

Discover how your chief data officer can help harness the power of data

It’s a Slam Dunk: the NBA and IBM

IBM Global Chief Data Officer Inderpal Bhandari created a program that analyzed data from NBA games and found patterns to help teams optimize their lineups and rotations during playoff games. Orlando Magic coach Brian Hill used insights gleaned from data patterns to slow down "Mr. Crossover" a.k.a. Tim Hardaway Sr.

Interview: IBM’s Chief Data Officer on the Journey to an AI-first world

IBM’s Global Chief Data Officer, Dr. Inderpal Bhandari shares his experience on how he helped transform the company into a cognitive computing enterprise. Tune in for practical tips and advice on how to start your journey to an “AI-first” world in the Cognitive Age.

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