AI Enterprise Accelerator

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) is quickly becoming a pivotal member of the C-suite for organizations across the globe, providing a competitive edge in the AI enterprise journey. Building AI systems involves more than learning how to perform a specific task from data — it requires a strong data foundation and infrastructure architecture.

The AI Enterprise Accelerator offers the data and AI solutions that transformed IBM’s processes. Learn how our AI Applications are ready for your business.

AI Applications

AI for privacy

Leverage AI and automation to ensure compliance with privacy regulations around the world.

Data fabric for AI

Enable the full breadth of integrated data management capabilities, including discovery, governance, curation and orchestration.

AI for Resilience

Detect and respond to global operation risk events, identifying the greatest threat of impact.

AI for supply chain

Leverage AI and hybrid multi-cloud architecture to deliver the next generation of intelligent supply chain workflow.

AI for platform and model scaling

Explore a unified data and AI platform for better business insights across the enterprise.

AI for data movement

Increase the speed of ingesting vast amounts of data with stability and accuracy.


Data strategy

The AI-led data strategy is a fusion of people, process and technology resulting in a direction for data-driven initiatives to create an AI-ready enterprise.

Automated metadata generation

With deep learning and natural language understanding, generate metadata automatically for your AI enterprise data lake.

Data privacy

Address data privacy regulations such as GDPR, and develop a framework for current and future data privacy regulation compliance.

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