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Improve performance and optimize IT spend

Business performance is IT performance. Now, the explosion of generative AI and the possibilities it brings puts IT under even more pressure to deliver the right business outcomes and the best customer experiences, and do it all at the lowest possible cost.

IBM’s portfolio of AIOps solutions delivers one of the most complete and integrated set of modular automation technologies. Using our AI-powered solutions for more efficient IT operations our customers have achieved new levels of performance, such as:

- 50% less mean time to repair (MTTR)

- 99.99% application availability

- 50% reduction in cloud cost

- 2 million USD saved while assuring app performance

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Control your operations with generative AI-driven insights.

Use cases
Control IT Spend

Actively manage costs across all cloud vendors and reduce waste when you tie tech investments to clear business value. Our trusted, easy-to-use solutions deliver FinOps capabilities that help maximize your cloud strategy and proactively deliver the most efficient use of app resources at every layer of the stack. See how TUI reduced cloud cost by 50% without compromising business continuity.

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Assure Application Performance

If your applications are your businesses, consistent app performance is a must. But “always-on” is costly. Plus you can’t fix what you can’t see. Our solutions deliver real-time observability, help you identify when and how resources are used, and match actual demand in real-time. See how Enento uses IBM Instana to meet SLAs and achieve 99.99% application availability.

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Streamline Incident Management

Rapidly identifying, assessing, and remediating IT incidents is crucial for efficient operations. Our solutions offer real-time visibility, proactively address complex issues, and deliver AI-powered remediation, to ensure faster MTTR and increase application uptime.See how Electrolux went from three weeks to one hour to resolve IT issues.

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Improve CI/CD Pipelines with Automated Observability

Automating the quality of your code is critical for a strong CI/CD pipeline. As DevOps teams write, integrate, test and release code, our solutions can help you realize faster time to market through automatic and continuous discovery, monitoring, and performance validation of applications. See how full-stack visibility lets you better understand your environment and speed up innovation.

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Create more Sustainable IT

Over-allocating resources to avoid performance risks costs both the business and the environment, and customers are watching how seriously you take environmental commitments. Our solutions help you automatically optimize your cloud and data center environments for less energy and waste produced by idle machines. See how BlueIT achieved a 10% reduction in waste without sacrificing performance.

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Case studies Scaling performance and sustainability

Explore how BlueIT accelerates digital transformation, improves app performance and cuts carbon emissions, too.

Gaining End-to-End Cloud Cost Transparency

Learn how TUI’s Apptio Cloudability implementation allowed them to demonstrate the value of their cloud spend and strategy while keeping their cloud costs low.

Maximizing uptime with Instana

Read how ExaVault satisfies customer demand to provide automation to billions of mission-critical file transfers.

Accelerating cloud adoption

Discover how healthcare leader Providence saved over USD 2 million while assuring app performance with Turbonomic.

Resources Quick Guide to Operationalizing FinOps Automation

Discover the role of FinOps (Finance + DevOps) and intelligent automation, and how this practice can help align forecasts with actual spend for more cost-effective, sustainable IT operations.

Omdia Universe AIOps 2023-24

Learn why IBM was named a Leader and “the most consistent AIOps vendor in the Universe in terms of performance across all sub-categories.”

Traditional versus AI-powered incident management

Learn why the old “break-fix” strategy doesn’t work for modern IT organizations and how an AI-powered solution can help you stay competitive.

Observability Mythbusting: Separating fact from fiction

Discover the most common myths – along with the facts – to help you separate fiction from reality in the realm of observability.

Accelerating FinOps & Sustainable IT

Learn how FinOps practitioners can take action on cost optimization., with IBM® Turbonomic® Application Resource Management.

The Enterprise Guide to AI and IT Automation

Learn how to reposition your IT teams from “cost centers” to “collaborators” and how to tailor, update, or even rethink your approach to your IT and AI strategy.

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