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The IT agency for a nation

APIS IT is the central IT agency for the government of Croatia. The organization delivers IT services and support for critical government entities such as the tax system, the customs system and all Croatian elections.

To support the quality of government services, APIS IT sought to maximize application performance while making efficient use of computing resources.

faster resourcing decisions


reduction in application tickets
Instana and Turbonomic together take the stress out of application performance management. Franjo Piskur Head of Distributed IT APIS IT
Full-stack visibility and optimization

APIS IT integrated the IBM Instana® Observability and IBM® Turbonomic® solutions to gain a complete understanding of the status of critical applications and IT infrastructure at any point in time. Application observability combined with continuous infrastructure optimization helps the agency identify application issues and resource congestions before end users are affected.

By taking advantage of Instana’s Smart Alerts capability, APIS IT defines app performance criteria that generate automatic alerts. And on the infrastructure side, the organization follows automated resourcing recommendations from Turbonomic to support performance while minimizing waste across VM and cloud-native platforms .

Combining Instana and Turbonomic, APIS IT can monitor applications from top to bottom, having a single pane of glass for applications and infrastructure. Both solutions are cloud-native by design and deployed on a private cloud Red Hat OpenShift cluster, allowing additional agility and scalability to support ever-changing application demands.

In the words of Franjo Piskur, Head of the Distributed IT Department at APIS IT, “Instana and Turbonomic together take the stress out of application performance management.”

Faster IT ops, higher-performance apps

With the IBM Instana Observability and IBM Turbonomic solutions in place, APIS IT has realized several benefits, including:

  • 70% faster resourcing decisions
  • Up to 50% faster mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) across the organization
  • 20% better utilization of containers infrastructure
  • 20% reduction in number of application tickets
  • 15% proactive incident avoidance
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APIS IT (link resides outside of ibm.com) is the leading IT company in Croatia and a key IT partner of the Croatian government. It provides IT consulting services to businesses and helps modernize government business processes.

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