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Digital transformation at work

Meet the leaders of a fictional company, CorpCorp, who need to implement a digital-first approach across the organization – in 60 days. Can they do it?

Learn more about CorpCorp’s leaders Watch the trailer (0:30)

What can a digital transformation do for my organization?

Successful business leaders have always looked to new technologies and processes to increase efficiencies, profits and streamline workflows. A digital transformation can help you re-engineer, automate and infuse intelligence across key business functions to reduce costs and speed time to market.


decrease in
operating costs *¹


decrease in
inventory costs *¹


increase in
revenue *¹

Meet CorpCorp

Meet the leaders of CorpCorp, a company that’s transforming

Although CorpCorp is a fictional company, it faces the same challenges as real companies like yours. Each line of business leader is under pressure to perform using outdated systems and processes that no longer meet their needs. Through a digital transformation, they were able to break down silos, streamline workflows and boost efficiencies.

Learn more about CorpCorp’s leaders
Get started

Where will you start?

Digital transformation can be applied to nearly every aspect of your business. Below are five areas where a digital-first approach can provide the biggest impact on your organization.

Customer Experience

Creating a smarter, and more intuitive, experience for your customers.

Supply Chain

Building a more resilient business with AI-powered solutions for enterprise asset management, supply chain, and facilities operations.

Human Resources

Empowering your workforce to do higher value work and bringing intelligence to your talent strategy.


Integrating processes across organizational boundaries and legacy systems to deliver visibility into performance data and dependencies across environments.


Improving the efficiency of finance processes by creating intelligent workflows that combine your team’s expertise with AI and automation.


¹How How Smarter Businesses Transform in an Uncertain World (PDF 1.2MB) (Results not guaranteed)