Social Business

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Social Business

From liking
to leading

Social Business

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Social Business

A smarter planet needs a smarter workforce

Social Business

Applying social business: Repeatable patterns that improve processes and provide return.

Social Business

New release: IBM Notes
and Domino Social Edition

Change the way you engage.

Social business is here—it answers to the major technological and economic shifts that define innovation today. Social ways of working harness the explosive growth of mobile, cloud and big data, and serve as the foundation for effective employee and customer engagement.

People create value for business

Drive innovation and better business outcomes

Today, customers connect, share knowledge and use information in new ways. Empowered employees use analytics and collaboration to see new opportunities and innovate. If that's not the way the people around you are doing business yet, IBM has the tools and solutions to evolve how you understand your audience and your workplace.

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