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Discover how social business technologies can help leaders throughout your organization create a competitive advantage and stand out in your market.

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Benefits by role

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Human resources

Increase company performance.

26% more revenue per employee [1]
  • Engage the right people
    Source talent by leveraging social networks and connect employees to improve enablement.
  • Motivate and empower
    Improve employee engagement, motivation and effectiveness.
  • Foster success
    Identify critical issues and address them with speed.
Asia Paints

Asian Paints uses social software

Download (141 kb)


Influence what customers will buy next.

81% received product purchase advice from friends and followers through a social site [2]
  • Target more effectively
    Address individuals and build advocacy at every touchpoint.
  • Drive loyalty
    Engage customers in dynamic, personalized experiences to keep them coming back.
  • Build your brand
    Help your team execute consistently across all channels and with every engagement.

Amadori launches interactive mini-sites

Download (670 kb)


Close more deals.

40% year–over–year increase in new business [3]
  • Empower your team
    Connect sellers with the right experts and information to anticipate and meet clients’ needs.
  • Build relationships
    Connect client, transaction and social data so you know your customers better than the competition.
  • Connect with clients
    Engage with clients in new ways through dedicated communities.
Omron Europe

Omron Europe launches next-generation intranet

Download (696 kb)

Customer service

Grow profitably.

5% reduction in customer defection [4]

25% – 125% increase in profits [4]
  • Anticipate problems
    Listen and analyze customer feedback to understand emerging issues.
  • Respond faster
    Find the right information and experts required to address issues as they emerge.
  • Enable self-service
    Help clients find the answers they need 24/7.
Reliance Life Insurance Corporation

Reliance Life Insurance Corporation

Download (564 kb)

Product and service innovation

Innovate faster.

2/3 less time to take new products to market [5]
  • Collaborate beyond borders
    Form global internal communities of interest to tackle common challenges.
  • Unlock innovation
    Improve productivity by tapping into the collective intelligence inside and outside the organization.
  • Break down silos
    Share intellectual capital and content with the people who need it.
Ricoh generates new ideas on a global scale

Ricoh generates new ideas on a global scale