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A robust mobile strategy can help you drive growth and gain a competitive advantage

Is your enterprise moving ahead or standing in place?

Back in the early days of e-commerce on the Web, many organizations started multiple, uncoordinated efforts – resulting in confusion and wasted resources. Now it's time to do mobile right – with an efficient, strategic plan and a truly redesigned business process.

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90% of all companies are looking to sustain or increase their investment in mobile technologies over the next 12-18 months. Download study

CEOs / LOB Execs rely on IBM MobileFirst

“We are growing by over 100,000 new customers a year. And more and more and more, we are seeing that it is through mobile because of how we have simplified our business processes.” Peter Aceto, CEO/President, Tangerine

Mobile leaders use mobile to fundamentally transform their business

Mobile technology can create new business value in ways that drive both growth and revenue – reaching customers in new and better ways, and simplifying business process.

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IBM Mobile Enterprise Strategy Service

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50% of executives say mobility has already increased employee productivity by 10%+. Download study

Strategy Managers rely on IBM MobileFirst

“Delivering care to the bedside and being able to retrieve information in real-time wherever a phy-sician happens to be are two elements that led us towards adopting mobile as aggressively as we did.” Dale Potter, Senior Vice President–Strategy and Transformation, The Ottawa Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital has transformed operations—improving patient care and safety, and the overall patient experience, through more consistent processes across the hospital.

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Enable "transactions in motion"

IBM MobileFirst Infrastructure Consulting Services can connect your clients and employees with your systems and data. We handle the design, implementation and managed services so they can perform business transactions from any mobile device, anywhere. Drive growth, customer loyalty, cost reductions, and higher employee satisfaction.


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