Finding the right balance in security

To gain a competitive advantage, you can look to the opportunities offered by mobile and cloud technology. But then greater access means increased security concerns. Business leaders find effective mobile security strategies to quickly and affordably reap the benefits of a mobile business.


Proactively protect against a wide variety of cyber threats

Risk and security officers are the public defenders of the enterprise, in an ever-changing environment. Look for solutions that deliver a comprehensive set of tools to provide realtime security intelligence, and integrate those tools with your existing tools and infrastructures.

43% of all malicious links are hosted in the United States

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CISOs rely on IBM MobileFirst

“We originally began our matrix measurement program at a much more operational, tactical management level. It was to help justify the resources we needed as a cost center.”

Felix Mohan, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Information Security Officer, Bharti Airtel Limited

Even established security leaders struggle with how to manage diverse business concerns, create mobile security policies, and fully integrate business, risk and security metrics. A few are becoming more versatile security leaders.

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IBM MobileFirst Security Solution Finder is an easy-to-use tool to help you research security topics of interest, identify the best solution for your business, and strengthen your current approach to mobile security.

IT Security Managers

Implementing the security policies

So, you have a plan. Now what? You need to juggle five segments of this grand security policy: devices, content, apps, transactions, and security intelligence. We can help with them all as you manage diverse mobile devices, secure files and document sharing, and protect enterprise data and transactions.

Malicious code infects more than 11.6 million mobile devices at any given time.

IT Security Managers rely on IBM MobileFirst
IBM MobileFirst Security conquers the challenges of the mobile business world

Mobile devices are packed with sensitive business information, making them tempting targets for security threats. IBM MobileFirst Security helps you defend against the threats aimed at connected mobile devices and the information that lives on them.

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Combat financial fraud and advanced security threats

Trusteer, an IBM Company, will help you protect against account takeovers. We help provide compromised mobile device detection, complex device fingerprinting of mobile devices, and a global fraudster database.

More on how to oversee security, risk, and compliance:

Build and Secure Mobile Apps in the Enterprise

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