Where you and your customer meet

Mobile apps are where you greet and serve your customers. Building powerful and scalable apps that run on a wide variety of devices is a crucial first step.

CIOs / IT Managers

Enable cost-saving mobile app development

You want to deliver a compelling mobile experience to customers, partners and employees, across many device types and operating systems. In order to reach these users, you can enable your organization to efficiently develop, connect, run, and manage mobile and omni-channel applications.

3 of the top 4 challenges companies face when developing or acquiring mobile apps are: quality and functionality, usability, and platform development.

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CIOs / IT Managers rely on IBM MobileFirst

“Mobile banking is changing not only how people bank, but also what they expect from their banks and, ultimately, whom they choose to bank with.”

Charaka Kithulegoda, CIO, Tangerine

Tangerine wanted to quickly and efficiently adapt to consumer preferences. We helped them develop a mobile architecture that could support multiple mobile devices, fast-track the delivery of new features, and do it all securely.

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Don’t have an in-house development team?
We can help.

IBM MobileFirst Application Platform Management Services will develop, deploy, and manage your end-user mobile apps.


Build on a comprehensive and integrated platform

There’s a MEAP in your future. IBM MobileFirst Platform is a mobile enterprise application platform that helps you deliver a superior user experience – whether coding native, Web, or hybrid apps. Because it’s based on open standards, MobileFirst Platform enables rapid changes for new devices, platforms, operating systems, and capabilities – and provides comprehensive and automated testing.

84%+ of developers target Android, 62% target iOS, and 52% target Windows Phone

Developers rely on IBM MobileFirst

“Worklight let us build an application that was not optimized for just one device, but rather worked on different devices, while allowing us to achieve high mobile quality, as well.”

Matteo Acchini, Web Manager at Elmec
“Worklight” is now known as “IBM MobileFirst Platform.”

Elmec believes in simplicity and reliability. They chose MobileFirst Platform to create a cross-platform portal of services with simple features, designed for specific needs, and easier access.

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