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To help you see the possibilities and advantages of becoming a mobile enterprise, we've brought together several pages of downloadable resources.

75+% of pacesetters are increasing
investments in mobile and cloud

IDC report

[Image: White Paper - IDC report]

WHITE PAPER: Addressing the Complexities and Growing Requirements of the Future Mobile Enterprise.;

The Total Economic Impact of IBM's Worklight Platform

The cost of developing and maintaining apps increases with the number of platforms supported.

Forrester Report

FORRESTER REPORT: The cost savings in the development and maintenance of multiplatform mobile apps.

Securing mobile devices in the business environment

WHITE PAPER: Mobile devices must be treated just like any other IT equipment, with appropriate security controls.

Native application software develolpment kit (SDK) for IBM Tealeaf CX Mobile

DOWNLOAD: Logging framework captures customer behavior, error detail, detects customer struggle, and quantifies business impact.

Developing more effective mobile enterprise programs

[Image: White Paper - Developing more effective mobile enterprise programs]

WHITE PAPER: A practical "how-to” guide to develop a strategy for implementing more effective mobile enterprise programs for employees.

Fast track to the future

WHITE PAPER: The 2012 IBM Tech Trends Report: Analytics and mobile connections are driving realtime decision making.

Creating a compelling mobile user experience

[Image: White Paper - Creating a compelling mobile user experience]

WHITE PAPER: How a business makes its mobile offering stand out from the crowd.

Are you ready for BYOD?

WHITE PAPER: Find out in the "Mobility is moving fast" white paper.

Ensuring application security in mobile device environments

[Image: White Paper - Ensuring application security in mobile device environments]

WHITE PAPER: Learn how to identify and prevent mobile application vulnerabilities.

Bring ROI to your BYOD

[Image: Forrester Report - Bring ROI to your BYOD]

FORRESTER REPORT: Forrester documents "The Total Economic Impact of IBM Managed Mobility for BYOD."

Capitalizing on mobile moments for smarter commerce

[Image: White Paper - Capitalizing on mobile moments for smarter commerce]

WHITE PAPER: Determining how to build systems of engagement from vision through execution.

A mobile application development primer

WHITE PAPER: A guide for enterprise teams working on mobile application projects.

Software: IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices — 30-day trial

SOFTWARE: Built on BigFix® technology, IBM Endpoint Manager helps you achieve smarter, faster endpoint management. It combines endpoint management and security into a single solution.

Customer experience management in the new era of mobility

78 percent of users who encounter problems completing mobile transactions share those experiences with others.


WHITE PAPER: Help protect your brand while moving to market as quickly as possible.

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