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Making critical decisions without profound information?

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Making critical decisions without profound information?


Welcome to IBM Kenya


Welcome to IBM Kenya

New insights from the C-level

4,183 executives weight in on the customer-activated enterprise Get the full IBM Global C-suite Study

New insights from the C-level

4,183 executives weight in on the customer-activated enterprise

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IBM’s Regional Commitment

Welcome to IBM in Kenya.

For over sixty years, IBM Kenya has been directly involved in encouraging growth and development within East Africa. Our Nairobi office is the operations headquarters for IBM in the region and oversees eight countries including Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Djibouti.

Long term partnerships within the telecommunications, government, oil and gas sectors have allowed us to focus on providing innovative solutions which speak to the needs of local citizens. Our corporate social responsibility programs such as Kid Smart and IBM Corporate Service Corps also ensure that we contribute to sustainable development.

After many years of active operation in East Africa, we launched a Kenyan innovation centre in 2013 housing a cloud computing centre that aims to drive Information Technology skills development in the region.

Our comprehensive line of offerings, including services, software and systems are designed for exceptional price performance, manageability and ease of use. IBM’s local business partner network also has experience across multiple industries, delivering affordable and customisable solutions; developed based on industry insights.

With over 100 years of business experience, we combine the best of leading global experience and local understanding to address uniquely African business requirements.

IBMers Value. Dedication to every client's success. Innovation that matters - for our company and for the world. Trust and responsability in all relationship.

Smarter Planet

Since 2008, IBMers have been working with companies, cities and communities around the world to build a Smarter Planet. We've seen enormous advances, as leaders are using an explosion of data to transform their enterprises and institutions through analytics, mobile technology, social business and the cloud. We've also seen how this new era is starting to create winners. They’re changing how their decisions are made. They're redesigning how their teams work, reassessing how to serve their customers, and changing the very nature of business. To learn more about building a Smarter Planet, click here.

How We Work with Business Partners

Finding the right Business Partner just got easier. IBM has a network of skilled Business Partners who know your marketplace and Kenya. As an extension of IBM, using our customisable solutions and experience we are able to create offerings best suited to your needs, from consulting and integration to customized industry or infrastructure applications. Use the IBM Business Partner Locator to find a service provider with a particular set of skills, a technology reseller or a consultant with industry expertise.

Corporate Service Corps

In addition to IBM’s work with corporations across Kenya, IBM has also been deeply involved with the people of Kenya through its international corporate volunteering program, the Corporate Service Corps. Introduced in 2008, it is IBM’s version of the Peace Corps. Since the launch of Corporate Service Corps in 2008, nearly 1,600 IBM employees based in 60 countries have been dispatched on more than 150 team assignments in 30 countries. Recently, IBM deployed its seventh CSC team to Kenya. Each group comprises 6-10 individuals paired up to work on key projects.

As a part of the program, teams of highly skilled IBM employees (IBMers) from all over the world volunteer to tackle economic issues, promote entrepreneurship, and suggest strategies for better transportation, education and health care. They work with a broad number of groups, both private and public, to develop blueprints that intersect business, technology, and society.


In Kenya, IBM volunteers worked with the Kenya ICT Board and the Ministry of Information and Communication with the purpose of narrowing the digital divide between rural and urban areas and accelerating the growth of modern, Web-based technology in Kenya. In another engagement, IBM consultant-volunteers provided advice on modernizing the national postal service and making it more competitive and relevant to citizens. Africa is a focus continent for IBM's volunteer programs. Since 2008, IBM's Corporate Service Corps has deployed more than 500 IBM employees on approximately 44 teams to Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, Egypt, and South Africa. IBM announced in September 2011 that it will double the number of emerging leaders it sends on pro-bono assignments to Africa during the next three years, and plans to send roughly 600 employees to Africa through 2015.

The Executive Service Corps, an extension of IBM’s Corporate Service Corps, deploys senior executives to solve complex problems in cities of high growth emerging markets. The teams work with city officials at the highest level on critical economic development projects focused on helping cities to become world-class "Smarter Cities."

For host cities, it is a chance to benefit from IBM’s expertise in working on economic, social and environmental sustainability challenges. For the participating IBM employees, it is a leadership development opportunity like no other.

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Nik Nesbitt – Country General Manager for IBM East Africa

Nik Nesbitt Nik Nesbitt is the Country General Manager, IBM East Africa. Previously, Mr Nesbitt was the founder and CEO of KenCall and has also held various executive roles in markets across Africa, North America and Europe.

IBM Kenya office Locations

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2012 year-end from continuing worldwide operations

Revenue: $104.5 billion
Net income: $16.6 billion
Total assets: $119.2 billion
Number of employees (worldwide): 424,246
Stockholders of record: 491,541

* All dollar figures are US

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Putting it simply, we work with some of the greatest and best-known names on the planet. With over 400 000 employees globally, IBM is widely recognised as an incubator of success.
If you are interested in working at IBM East Africa, visit Jobs in IBM.

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