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New capabilities in the cloud – May 2015

Web Page What’s New - May 2015


IBM Verse - Share an email attachment with one click

Now you can share a file direct to the cloud where others can download it, comment on it, or share new versions.

One click to share a file to the cloud


IBM Verse View team report to structure

When an email is selected, subscribers (who use the full social capabilities of S1) can select the team analytics button to see the reporting structure for the email recipients who are in your organization. Administrators need to update user profiles with reporting data and submit changes with the Integration Server to support this feature.

IBM Verse View team report to structure

April 2015

Web Front – April 2015 What’s New

IBM Verse for iPhones

IBM Verse for iPhones is coming! Once available on the iTunes app store, you can download it and start using it to:

screenshot: IBM Verse for iPhones

IBM Verse for Apple devices is an IBM created mobile app for iOS, and is available on the Apple app store. However, you can continue to use IBM Traveler with the built in Apple provided mail, calendar, and contacts apps on your iOS device, along with the IBM Traveler To Do and Companion apps.

Customize Community layout and navigation

More customization is available for Communities, with the ability to collapse sidebar navigation and customize the Community Overview page with:

Find what you need faster with Type Ahead Search

When you start typing in the search box, the system will suggest what you are looking for. Connections Cloud remembers where you’ve been and who you have recently collaborated with, helping you to find content faster and more effectively.

screenshot: Find what you need faster with Type Ahead Search

New optional theme aligned to Verse design

Administrators can select to use a new theme with a streamlined look and feel in the social web experience for their entire organization. This theme aligns to the new Verse design and extends the clean uncluttered look to the social areas for a consistent user experience for subscribers that will be using Verse. Administrators can choose to enable the new theme.

screenshot: Type-ahead remembers where you've been recently so you can find content  faster

Policy to Disable Chat History or File Transfer

To better enable administrators to configure the service so it is aligned to their organization’s security and compliance needs, administrators can now set a policy to disable chat history and/or file transfer. This policy can prevent chats from being saved or prevent file transfer through chat. Updates to this policy are performed using the integration server.

Traveler - Apple Push Notifications for To Do (available on or after April 29)

Now SmartCloud Notes subscribers using Apple devices can stay up to date with what they need to do from anywhere. A new capability is coming that notifies subscribers with the IBM To Do application for iOS when changes to To Dos occur in the user's mail database. The change notification is reflected as a badge indicator on the application icon. When the application is open, a notification will cause the application to automatically sync the changes.

Traveler – Google Cloud Messaging (available on or after April 29)

SmartCloud Notes subscribers with Traveler can use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for real time push notifications to keep Mail, Calendar, Contact and To Do data on Android clients up to date. Using GCM can greatly improve the battery life of Android devices as IBM Traveler no longer needs to stay constantly connected via HTTP to the IBM Traveler server for push notifications.

March 2015

IBM Verse General Availability on March 31

Mail that understands you, clears the clutter and creates more clarity, and connects me to we. See it in action here:

IBM Verse (YouTube, 00:03:13)

IBM Verse will be generally available for new subscription purchases on March 31.

IBM Verse offers:

 Easy way to collaborate with people who are important to you. See all the email you're tracking, that are marked Waiting for. Calendar and upcoming meeting details - all in one clear space.

IBM Connections Files on Cloud generally available

We’re introducing an exciting new standalone offering that enables customers who don’t want the full set of social capabilities in IBM Connections Social Cloud to buy file sharing, profiles, file sync and more. See it in action here:

YouTube (00:06:08)

This offering includes:

 API access to presence and chat.

API access to presence and chat

Now you can use chat and presence awareness directly in your business applications. Using new APIs you can integrate cloud based instant messaging with other cloud and on-premises applications. This is available for customers with chat enabled subscriptions.

February 2015

You've never seen email like this

Organization. Flow. Harmony.
Discover a #NewWayToWork with IBM Verse

New Offering

We’re introducing an exciting new standalone offering that enables customers who don’t want the full set of social capabilities in IBM Connections Social Cloud to buy filesharing, profiles, file sync and more. This offering includes:

You can quickly get started in the cloud with this standalone offering and grow into other cloud services whenever your business demands. It will be available in March 2015

View and Sync files from any device Drag and drop files from windows explorer or the mac to upload to files

See Meeting Invitee status while on the go

Traveler subscribers can see Invitee status for iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet. The meeting chair can view the status of each invitee's response to the current version of the meeting. Additionally, the Android client can show a status of delegated.

January 2015

Assign tasks more effectively across teams

Assign To Dos to one or more members of an Activity to work more easily across teams. Select people from the Activity members list.

Work with larger files in Activities

We’re continuing to make it easier to work with more content, continuing the improvements announced last year with storage increases for Files, Communities, and Wikis. Now you can upload files as large as 2 GB when you use a modern browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Additional browser support is coming soon.

View relationship history in your contacts

Now you can view the relationship history for each of your contacts. See when a contact is created, when a network invitation is accepted, when a contact is modified, and when a contact is forwarded. This gives you important information about the timeline of your relationships.

Live Demos to learn new ways to use Connections Cloud!

We've added great new sessions for you to come learn more about different IBM Connections Cloud topics, including:

See the Live Demo schedule to learn more.

November 2014

Storage quota increases

Audio Video Chats from your Mobile Device

Work more effectively across your network on the go with audio and video calls on tablets and smartphones for iOS and Android.

Audio-video call on a tablet (can also expand to full screen)

Sync files from Mac to Cloud!

Sync files and work effectively between desktop and cloud with the new ability to use IBM Connections Desktop Plug-ins for Mac.

You can:

Push notifications on desktop alert you when a file has been modified and is ready for review

Sync'ed files appear as a folder under Finder's Favorites

Social App Features

New features help improve how you work with your network, manage communities, find content, and more:


Quickly contact people in your network

Annotate your Meetings

A new whiteboarding tool lets you call attention to content, comment, and brainstorm new ideas – whether you’re in a browser or working from a mobile device.

Use a highlighter ...or a pen ...and show your fine motor skills

September 2014

We have a new name!

IBM SmartCloud for Social Business just got updated. No actions are required on your part, no updates are needed, and no URLs are changing.

IBM understands Healthcare…Security…Privacy

New for Healthcare Customers.
The IBM Connections Cloud services are managed to security, governance, and operations controls specified by the HIPAA act. IBM is pleased to announce our ability to enter into Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with Healthcare customers seeking the benefits of SaaS.

New Offering – IBM Connections Chat Cloud

IBM Connections Chat Cloud is IBM's instant messaging application with enterprise-grade security in the cloud. Available with IBM Connections Cloud S1 and S2, Connections Chat Cloud is now available as a stand-alone offering for organizations who need chat only.

IBM Connections Chat Cloud enables you to instantly communicate with colleagues inside and outside your organization and includes: text, audio and video chat; file transfer; screen capture; create list; and chat status.

Files Enhancements

File Sync - Manage your files on the go with File Sync, make edits offline, and automatically sync with cloud when you reconnect for the latest and most up-to-date information (available for Windows with Desktop Plug-in).

Microsoft Office Integration - Work more effectively in Office with the ability to comment, share, and lock files directly through Desktop Plug-in.

More Social

Enhanced Profiles - Explore content and communities more intelligently with a view into what your network contacts have in common with you. Expand your reach to new ideas and experts with the ability to request introductions from your network.

Enhanced People Search - Find experts more easily in enhanced people search with keywords and type ahead suggestions