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IBM Social Business Toolkit

Develop integrated applications for IBM SmartCloud using the IBM Social Business Toolkit.

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What is the Toolkit?

The IBM Social Business Toolkit is your single source for developing integrations and leveraging IBM SmartCloud for Social Business and IBM Connections.

The toolkit provides a set of extensible tools and resources for developers who want to incorporate social capabilities into their applications and business processes.

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Four Easy Steps to Integration

Developing an integration with IBM SmartCloud for Social Business is as easy as four simple steps: build, test, plan, and release.

  1. Build an integrated application

    Leverage the Social Business Tool Kit to build your integrated application.

  2. Beta test your application with a customer

    Work with one of your customers to road test your new social application.

  3. Contact IBM to build a release plan

    Work with the IBM SmartCloud for Social Business Team to to organize a release plan including co-marketing and support.

  4. Publicly release your application

    Deploy your application to the public and join the social revolution.

Getting Started

To help you get started, IBM has created a learning path to guide you along the way to making your cloud-based or on-premises application more social.

  1. Use the API explorer for IBM SmartCloud for Social Business to learn about and experiment with social APIs that are built exclusively for cloud applications. Make API calls, see responses, and access the documentation — all within a single interface.
  2. Take advantage of the sample developer application to help you learn how to integrate your application with IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. The application includes a sample web application for easy access to example code.

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Join other Social Business Toolkit developers in the Developers Community and keep up-to-date on the latest toolkit updates. Please email to request access.