Security everywhere: Managing new cyber risks

This year, more than any other, we have a critical need to come together to accelerate essential recovery and transformation. Whether you are supporting a newly remote workforce or shifting to digital platforms across different tools, applications and cloud platforms, cybersecurity remains an essential practice to protect your organisation and clients.

To help shield your organisation in a world of complexity, organisations should align security strategy to the business; integrate solutions that protect digital users, assets, and data; and deploy technology that can manage defenses against growing threats.

Join our Virtual Security Summit to:

  • Hear from security leaders who will talk about best practices in dealing with the latest cyber security challenges
  • Learn how Quantum and AI are helping fight attacks and how to move to the cloud with confidence
  • Listen to Dr Victoria Baines talk about “Fear fatigue, the new normal, and [what this means for] the future of cybersecurity”


Session & Abstract Speaker
Welcome and Introduction Rob Sedman, Director IBM Security, Business
Security everywhere: Managing new cyber risks
Mary O’Brien, General Manager, IBM Security
John Wheeler, BISO IBM Security
Interview: Threat Management Luke Beeson, Global CISO, Aviva
Rob Sedman, IBM Security
Journey to Cloud is the chance to get security right
Dr Paul El Khoury, Head of Agile Secure Development, SAP
Scott McAvoy, IBM Security
Coffee Break  
Industry Expert Session
Fear Fatigue, The New Normal, and The Future of Cybersecurity
Dr Victoria Baines, Security Industry Expert
Panel Discussion: Women in Security Nicola O'Connor, Chief Information Security and IT Risk Officer, AIB
Jo McLear, IBM Security
Innovation at IBM
3 short sessions: Quantum, Cloud and AI
Sridhar Muppidi, VP and CTO, IBM Security
J.R Rao, CTO Research IBM Security
Breakout sessions:  
Strategy and Risk
Cyber risk quantification.

Cyber Resilience, what’s your Minimal Viable Company and how to recover it.
Are you ready for breach?

Julian Meyrick, Nick Coleman, Simi Deb; IBM Security
Flick March, IBM Security
Aleksandra Trzeciak, Francisco Galian; IBM Security
Threat Management
Modernise Security with an open platform: How “Cloud Pak for Security” addresses the needs of the Security Analyst.
SOAR (Security Operations and Response) is not just a SOC Issue.
Building an integrated approach to security operations.

Robert Whitters, David Bosomworth; IBM Security
Andrew Yeates, IBM Security
Oliver Parsons, IBM Security
Digital Trust
Protect your growing remote workforce – overview.

Protect your growing remote workforce: identifying risk on compromised devices and credentials with IBM Trusteer.
Protect your growing remote workforce: Privileged Access Management with IBM Secret Server.

Aarti Borkar and Srinivas Tummalapenta, IBM Security
Maya Simpson, IBM Security

Sam Hector, Vaughan Harper; IBM Security
Closing remarks Rob Sedman, Director IBM Security Business


Security everywhere: Manage new cyber risks
Everything from new business models to rapid adoption of technology to regulations are pushing cybersecurity teams to find new, faster ways to shield their business and ensure privacy while accelerating growth. Infusing security everywhere business is done can enable growth while protecting against emerging and accelerating threats. Mary O'Brien will share client stories where IBM brought together the right people, process, and technology to accelerate business securely.

Threat Management Panel
This lively discussion will be hosted by Rob Sedman and include a number of Clients sharing their perspective on the current threat landscape, their challenges and approaches to managing risk.

Journey to Cloud is the chance of getting Security right
Join this panel discussion to learn how new business models and new ways of working require a new approach in cyber security that is connected and better suited for securing the modern enterprise.

Fear Fatigue, the New Normal, and [what this means for] the Future of Cybersecurity
If the posts in our social media feeds right now are anything to go by, fear breeds misinformation, and a heightened state of alert can be counterproductive to keeping us all safe. During the coronavirus pandemic to date, we have seen the virus used as a vector for phishing attacks, scams and influence operations. How do we move humans from "fear fatigue" to empowerment, and what does this mean for effective approaches to cybersecurity and workforce wellbeing?

Women in cybersecurity Panel
Is diversity integrated into the fabric of your business? Hear from a panel of female CISOs as they discuss their experiences of being a female leader in cybersecurity.

3 short ‘Futures’ Sessions

Future proofing your security against Quantum
Quantum computing promises power far beyond the reach of any supercomputer. That power has the ability to render the very best of today's encryption pointless. Organisations that intend to keep their most sensitive data private need to future-proof their security by implementing quantum-safe cryptography, which starts with risk analysis and data classification.

Run analytics on encrypted data in the cloud
Today, businesses have to weigh the benefits and risks between going faster and staying safe. Imagine if you could do both for your data: run real-time advanced analytics on encrypted data. That is the promise of homomorphic encryption, and the ability to stay safe while going fast unlocks incredible opportunities in many industries, regardless of which cloud the data resides in. This Person will share how IBM is leading the charge in this exciting space and share a glimpse into the future of this technology.

Defending AI, extending AI
Every defense has a weakness and AI is no exception. Attackers can poison the data we train on, steal our computational models or even exploit the bias encoded into our tools. AI is too powerful, and too valuable, to allow these potential vulnerabilities to stop security teams from take advantage of using it. Learn how IBM's open source Adversarial Robustness Toolkit is advancing AI best practices and how you can apply them today.

Breakout sessions

Cyber risk quantification
How can you better align your security strategy to the business and help sheld your organisation in the new world of complexity? This panel will discuss how quantifying cybersecurity risk with the FAIR Institute methodology can transform the security relationship with the business.
We will examine two use cases: the evolving threat landscape during remote working and addressing the security risk associated with Mergers & Acquisitions.

Cyber Resilience, what’s your Minimal Viable Company and how to recover it.
With the industry focus on Resilience, and the significant leap in cyber attacks, Cyber Resilience is the focus of everyone’s mind. However, most companies Recovery strategy, do not include the cyber attack vector and find a rebuild could mean weeks of outage and significant loss of revenue and brand. Learn how to embed resilience in your strategy to ensure you can maintain core purpose and integrity under duress.

Are you ready for a Breach?
Are you ready for breach? Hear from our X-Force IRIS experts on how to prepare, rehearse and respond to a security incident.

Modernise Security with an open platform: How “Cloud Pak for Security” addresses the needs of the Security Analyst
In this session we will provide an overview and demonstrate the power of “federated search” and Threat Intelligence Insights integrated into an orchestration & automation solution supporting the security analysts requirements in performing threat hunting.

SOAR (Security Operations and Response) is not just a SOC Issue
In this session we will explore practical examples of SOAR in a wider business context. We will go beyond the traditional SOAR use-cases and expand on these to include broader business issues such as crisis management scenarios and support for compliance management processes. This will be shown in the context of a topical set of playbooks to support both a COVID-19 and a DSAR scenario.

Building an integrated approach to security operations
The industry is not satisfied with the threat management status quo. Security operations and threat management services can often struggle to deliver high value insights and consistent incident response. Join this session to understand IBM's new approach to threat management, including:

  • the use of AI to reduce the number of false positive alerts by 70%+
  • Automated Orchestration and automating incident response processes to auto-enrich events and provide transparency

Protect your growing remote workforce – overview
The recent health crisis accelerated the trend in remote work, which had already grown 91% in the last decade. As the number of employees working remotely grows, however, so can your risk. Every organization needs to keep their employees safe and productive – no matter where they're working from. Learn how IBM has helped organizations deploy tools that modernize your identity program and allow you to address the security risks of a growing remote workforce. Protect your growing remote workforce: identifying risk on compromised devices and credentials with IBM Trusteer At a time when the whole world is dealing with a global pandemic, fraudsters are elevating today’s unexpected reality to attack the remote workforce. Learn how IBM Trusteer identifies risk on workforce remote access by transparently collecting hundreds of attributes during login, and provides real time risk analysis that is easily integrated into existing Threat Management workflow.

Protect your growing remote workforce: Privileged Access Management with IBM Secret Server
80% of breaches involve a weak or stolen privileged credential. Now more than ever, the old methods of sharing & re-using admin credentials between people & teams are opening new avenues for criminals to exploit. Join Sam Hector & Vaughan Harper to find out how to provide remote employees the same access to sensitive systems as being in the office – securely, and with a robust audit trail.


portrait of Dr Victoria Baines

Dr Victoria Baines

Security Industry Expert

portrait of Mary O’Brien

Mary O’Brien

General Manager, IBM Security

portrait of Rob Sedman

Rob Sedman

Director IBM Security Business

portrait of Nicola O’Connor

Nicola O’Connor

Chief Information Security and IT Risk Officer, AIB

portrait of Luke Beeson

Luke Beeson

Aviva’s Global CISO