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Meet some IBMers

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Meet some IBMers

IBM’s greatest asset is the IBMer. We believe our strength lies in the diversity of our employees. IBM encourages creative pursuits and passions outside of work, because when IBMers can explore their curiosity, it gives all of us a new outlook on the world and its possibilities for emerging tech. Together, IBM can drive progress through meaningful innovation and action.


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IBM Fellows

This year's six new IBM Fellows come from multiple countries, bringing expertise in hybrid cloud, systems and quantum computing that helps our clients with their digital transformations.


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At IBM Research, we invent things that matter. We are a community of thinkers. We make a lasting impact on our industry and the world.

Our scientists are pioneering the future of artificial intelligence, creating breakthroughs like quantum computing that will allow us to process information in entirely new ways, defining how blockchain will reshape the enterprise, and so much more. We are driven to discover.


Innovation and transformation

Data driven

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Connect your data wherever it lives

Data fabric resolves silo challenges, helping you deliver business-ready data for analytics and AI


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Simplify your cloud experience

IT is more complex today than even two years ago. It's time to break down silos and scale faster.


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Put your applications on autopilot

Companies that invest in AIOps and automation can free employees from routine tasks and cut costs by 50%


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The zero-trust advantage

Contextual, predictive security that protects privacy with the flexibility of hybrid cloud


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