Reduce disruption with the Environmental Intelligence Suite

Companies are facing climate-related asset damage, supply chain and operations disruptions and increasing expectations from consumers and investors to perform as an environmental leader. As weather events and climate change increasingly impact businesses, it becomes harder for leaders to assess how extreme weather events will impact their operations. And not knowing makes it harder to determine how those operations will ultimately impact the environment. Without that knowledge, businesses not only run the risk of unforeseen disruption, but also encountering regulatory and compliance issues.

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite is an AI-powered SaaS solution that provides timely and fact-based actionable intelligence to proactively plan and manage the economic impact of severe weather and climate change events; built on the world’s most accurate weather data.

Can data save the planet?

Can data save the planet? (06:02)

Why choose IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite

increase in digital ROI (consumer packaged goods)

reduction in power restoration time (energy and utilities)

reduction in power restoration time (energy and utilities)

Why choose IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite

IBM acquires Envizi to help organizations achieve sustainability and environmental goals


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