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Leverage the power of AI to accelerate Scope 3 emissions calculations for ESG reporting and disclosures
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Calculate Scope 3 emissions with ease and accuracy

IBM® Envizi™: Scope 3 GHG Accounting + Reporting software leverages AI to help make emissions calculations more efficient. It includes fexible reporting tools to deliver value chain insights and streamline disclosures and offers embedded Scope 3 emissions factor libraries to make calculations less time consuming.

Automate emissions calculations

Envizi offers coverage across all Scope 3 categories, utilizing a GHG calculation engine to apply GHG Protocol-compliant calculation methods underpinned by a robust data management system. Envizi supports over 40 variations of GHG calculation methodologies across the Scope 3 categories.

Identify emissions hotspots

Envizi’s advanced data capture, tagging, and management capabilities help you identify where to focus emissions reduction efforts. Plus, powerful visualizations and customizable reporting functionality underpinned by PowerBI help you demonstrate impact clearly.

Reporting for frameworks and stakeholders

With prebuilt templates aligned to framework questionnaires and a detailed dashboard that allows users to visualize the results in a few clicks, Envizi is designed to streamline Scope 3 performance reporting and disclosures.

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Interactive demo: follow a Sustainability Analyst preparing to disclose Scope 3 emissions using Envizi.

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Module features
Robust calculation engine Scope 3 emissions are automatically calculated utilizing the relevant GHG Protocol calculation method. AI-driven Natural Language Processing (NLP) models support data categorization for spend-based calculations, and emissions factors are drawn from embedded libraries.

Calculation accuracy summary Summaries of calculation accuracy by data type - based on  calculation methodology - help improve your sustainability reporting accuracy year-on-year and identify any data governance issues that arise.

PowerReports Customizable Microsoft Power BI-embedded Envizi PowerReports generate data visualizations to help keep stakeholders informed on Scope 3 emissions performance. Try it free for 14 days
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New Generate Scope 3 emissions insights related to purchased goods and services. An open, interactive demo where you follow a Sustainability Analyst preparing to disclose Scope 3 emissions using Envizi. Take the interactive demo
GHG reporting made easier Prepare for audit needs

Satisfy auditors with robust data management tools aligned with the GHG Protocol standard.

Reduce tedious, manual work

Streamline data categorization for emissions calculations utilizing the embedded NLP model.

Report with insights

Gain clear, consistent Scope 3 emissions insights to support your sustainability performance management and reporting.

Built on the GHG Protocol

GHG Protocol

The 'Built on GHG Protocol' mark recognizes accounting resources that have been developed in conformance with GHG Protocol standards.

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