Calculate Scope 3 emissions with speed and accuracy

Scope 3 GHG emissions present a significant opportunity for organizations to engage their suppliers in accelerating decarbonization globally. That said, capturing and managing reliable emissions data from hundreds or even thousands of value chain members is challenging.

IBM Envizi: Scope 3 GHG Accounting + Reporting carbon accounting software addresses these challenges head on by taking the work out of calculating Scope 3 data while simultaneously improving reporting accuracy. Envizi’s powerful Scope 3 emissions engine automatically manages and calculates emissions using GHG Protocol-supported methodologies.


Automated calculations

Eliminate spreadsheets with automatic Scope 3 GHG Protocol emissions calculations, including multi-currency and multi-metric conversions.

Hassle-free management

Envizi removes the burden of administration by managing all publicly available and commercially licensed emission factors for you.

Best practice guidance

Envizi provides detailed guidance on activity data collection and calculation method for each of the 15 different Scope 3 calculation methodologies.

Audit-ready data

Envizi is a finance-grade data management platform built on the GHG Protocol that provides auditability and traceability to source data.


More features

Data capture automation

Automatic Scope 3 data collection and classification from existing systems where available helps reduce manual errors, version confusion and productivity loss.

Guidance recommendations

Detailed guidance on best practice reporting, determining activity data and factor quality and recommended approaches for improving Scope 3 inventory accuracy.

Boundary management

Easily set and change reporting boundaries to ensure your GHG emissions calculations stay up to date as your organization changes.

GHG Protocol

Built on the GHG Protocol

This tool has been reviewed by the World Resources Institute for conformance with the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.

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