Track your decarbonization performance with less effort

Manually capturing and setting targets can be challenging when data is dispersed across multiple platforms, systems and regions. Using static spreadsheets makes it incredibly difficult to monitor and manage your sustainability performance on an ongoing basis.

IBM Envizi: Target Setting + Tracking simplifies and automates the process of capturing and tracking GHG performance against targets at different levels of the organization. With all your GHG emissions data available in one place, organizations can easily set different types of targets, including energy, cost, emissions or intensity. Intuitive dashboards help you identify carbon emissions reduction opportunities, develop a carbon management strategy and track the impact of your various sustainability projects.


Faster insights

Eliminate spreadsheets and manual processes to identify GHG-reduction opportunities faster.

Improved accuracy

Track performance more accurately and access results when and how you need them.

Increased engagement

Built-in tools help engage stakeholders and improve accountability for results at all levels of the organization.


More features

Bulk data uploads

Bulk create and edit target data using blank or pre-populated Excel templates.


Easily compare projects across your portfolio and supply chain with Microsoft Power BI-embedded Envizi PowerReports.

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