Streamline Scope 1 and 2 emissions calculations for reporting

Calculating Scopes 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions for reporting can be complex and challenging. Especially when working from spreadsheets with complicated formulas, data from multiple countries in different units and currencies, complex certificate allocations and accounting and data that auditors can’t easily validate.

IBM Envizi: Scope 1, 2 GHG Accounting + Reporting carbon accounting software streamlines the entire process with a powerful emissions calculation engine built on the GHG Protocol. Utilizing over 40,000 emissions factors and a factor selection algorithm, it streamlines the preparation of emissions data for ESG reporting while standing up to the scrutiny of external auditors.

Scope 1, 2 GHG Accounting + Reporting from IBM Envizi

Scope 1, 2 GHG Accounting + Reporting from IBM Envizi (02:41)


Simplified calculations

Automation of carbon emission factor calculations and standardization of units and currencies across regions mean a spreadsheet-free world filled with simplicity.

Worry-free auditability

Built on the GHG Protocol, all emissions calculations are complete, accurate, investment grade and stand up to the scrutiny of external auditors.

Reporting flexibility

A highly customizable organizational hierarchy allows for structuring the thousands of streams of Scopes 1 and 2 data in multiple ways to meet different reporting and access requirements.

Increased visibility

View the carbon emissions footprint of your entire organization, region or individual location and compare it to a previous period or baseline year for complete visibility into your emissions performance.


More features

Factor selection algorithm

Envizi’s built-in factor selection algorithm further automates emissions calculations by cycling through a filtered list of factors to arrive at a match on data type, factor set, region and time period.

Market-based emissions

Envizi automatically manages and applies residual mix factors to grid electricity consumption not already covered by renewable energy certificates.

Performance dashboards

Prior to emissions reporting season and throughout the year, review your emissions inventory and compare with previous years, company baselines and targets to see if performance is on course.


Microsoft Power BI-embedded Envizi PowerReports allow for the creation of customized emissions performance reports designed to meet different stakeholder requirements.

GHG Protocol

Built on the GHG Protocol

This tool has been reviewed by the World Resources Institute for conformance with the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.

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