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Make quantum better by joining the IBM Quantum Feedback Program

The future of quantum requires users like you in order to be successful. So it’s crucial that we continue to solicit feedback and use that feedback to provide improvements to our products.

IBM Quantum Lab at the Thomas J Watson Research Center (Credit: Connie Zhou for IBM)

31 Aug 2022

Tobi Lasisi

We want to hear about your experiences with IBM Quantum products and services. Join our user research studies to tell us about your experience. Sign up here.

This is why we’ve launched the IBM Quantum Feedback Program. This program is available to all IBM Quantum users and quantum enthusiasts — so we can hear directly from all of you.

We want to hear from you and learn about your experiences

Previously, we worked with users on more than two-dozen feedback projects. Feedback from these projects resulted in continuous improvements to several of our IBM Quantum products and services, including Qiskit Runtime, IBM Quantum Composer and Lab, as well as the IBM Quantum website.

For those interested in joining the program, begin by filling out a short survey. Upon successful review of your submission, you will be added to the program. Program members will be emailed about scheduling a time to connect when they are a potential match for a feedback project.

Program members participate in a variety of activities in order to provide the most useful feedback to the IBM Quantum team. These include interview sessions with our researchers and scientists about their experiences with IBM Quantum products; and usability studies, where participants directly interact with an IBM Quantum product and share their screen with researchers to understand how they use the tools. Participation can be as simple as completing surveys to understand preferences regarding IBM Quantum tools and programs.

We are looking for a broad spectrum of people over the age of 18 — even those who don’t necessarily use our products and services. We value your privacy and will safeguard your personal info, and securely delete it when we no longer need it.

You can learn more about the feedback program here, and if you’re interested in signing up, please fill out the recruitment survey here.  

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