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Build, optimize, and execute at scale

Qiskit Runtime is our quantum computing service and programming model for building, optimizing, and executing workloads at scale using Qiskit.

Qiskit Runtime introduces primitives to seamlessly perform foundational quantum computing tasks with increased performance. Qiskit Runtime improves operational efficiency by offering a containerized execution environment.

Through controllable error mitigation and suppression, Qiskit Runtime enables users to manage the performance of hardware systems.

Qiskit Runtime demonstrates dramatic performance increases over previous approaches, offering up to a 120X speedup for some applications. With error mitigation, Qiskit Runtime demonstrates significant improvement on the quality of results.



Qiskit Runtime in action

Users are already demonstrating the power of Qiskit Runtime to support new avenues of research and speed executions across use cases. Explore these selected studies to see how Qiskit Runtime can drive outcomes.

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Access Plans

Premium Plan

Access our most powerful and exploratory systems with shorter wait times and hands on service. Create and execute quantum programs at scale with Qiskit Runtime. Gain hands-on support and training — as well as curated access to the best minds in quantum computing via membership to the IBM Quantum Network.

Current Premium Plan systems:

  • 27-qubit Falcon (core)
  • 27-qubit Egret (exploratory)
  • 127-qubit Eagle (exploratory)

Pay-As-You-Go Plan

Access our more advanced systems on an as-needed basis, and pay only for the quantum compute time you use.

  • Access our most advanced core systems: 27-qubit Falcon R5 processors
  • Pay $1.60 per runtime second with a credit card or IBM Cloud credits
  • Build circuits in IBM Quantum Composer, IBM Quantum Lab, and Qiskit
  • Build, define, and run large workloads using Qiskit Runtime

Open Plan

Run your first quantum circuits for free on cloud simulators and real quantum systems. Take advantage of the same feature-rich tools included in our Premium Plan.

  • Use free cloud simulators (Statevector, MPS, Stabilizer)
  • Access real 7-qubit and 5-qubit QPUs
  • Build circuits in IBM Quantum Composer, IBM Quantum Lab, and Qiskit
  • Execute workloads more efficiently in Qiskit Runtime

Technical services

Quantum Accelerator

The IBM Quantum Accelerator is our full-service offering for clients looking to build on access offered by the Premium Plan. Accelerator clients get personalized support plans to fully prepare for the coming impact of quantum on their industries.

Develop a roadmap to quantum readiness with our in-house experts. Build foundational understanding and skills. Identify key areas for potential quantum value in your business. Get to quantum-readiness in time to seize commercial value.

Feedback Program

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IBM Quantum Feedback Program

You can shape the future of IBM Quantum

Join the IBM Quantum feedback program to directly impact the future of our products. Meet with our team. Tell us what you like, and what could be better.

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Read the Qiskit Runtime announcement

The new Qiskit Runtime makes algorithm development easier than ever.

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Our new 2022 Development Roadmap

Plans for 4 new quantum processors, breakthrough technologies and leaps forward in scale, quality and speed. Jay Gambetta and team take us on a journey to 2025 and the era of the quantum-centric supercomputer.