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IBM Quantum internship applications are now closed for summer 2024

IBM Research Global Internship Program applications for 2024 are now closed.

Applications are now open to intern with IBM Quantum for summer 2024

3 Oct 2023

Bradley Holt

Cheniqua Allen

Danille Jager

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At IBM Quantum, we’re bringing useful quantum computing to the world. This technology is widely expected to solve valuable problems that are unsolvable using any known methods on classical supercomputers. And quantum summer internships, as part of the IBM Research Global Internship Program, are perhaps the most valuable in the field. Every intern working in quantum makes meaningful contributions to the IBM Quantum Development Roadmap — pushing the field of quantum computing forward in the process.

We have directly trained more than 400 interns at all levels of higher education since 2020, many of whom have gone on to work at IBM Quantum or elsewhere in the field of quantum after graduation. Interns have the opportunity to work directly with researchers, developers, and business experts working to advance the field of quantum computing. Our interns have researched quantum applications, and design hardware, developed open-source projects with Qiskit, carried out market research, and more.

The internship experience

Internships with IBM Quantum prepare students with the skills, networks, and career paths needed to launch their careers in the field of quantum. In previous years, the IBM Quantum internship program has included the Qiskit Global Summer School, poster sessions, and a fireside chat with IBM Fellow and Vice President of IBM Quantum, Jay Gambetta, hosted and organized by IBM Quantum interns.

Read ’quantum‘ articles by IBM Quantum VP Jay Gambetta, here.

Arian Noori, a University of Wisconsin graduate student and quantum hardware engineering intern who worked on optimizing cryogenic qubit control transmission lines for improved signal delivery to a quantum chip, said about his experience interning at IBM Research:

“Not only did I acquire invaluable practical and technical skills, but my mentors also instilled in me new and intuitive ways of approaching engineering and physics problems. The IBM community is remarkably friendly and open. I was surrounded by some of the most intellectual individuals in the world, and everyone was delighted to share insights into their projects.

“This exposure allowed me to better conceptualize the entire quantum computing ecosystem, enabling a deeper understanding of the most pressing challenges in the field.”

Columbia University undergraduate and quantum software intern Danielle Odigie said about her IBM Research internship experience: “I feel like this summer was the summer where I started feeling like an actual software engineer! It was so fulfilling and so cool to be able to aid in the efforts to create software that connects programmers to such powerful technology.”

And Dhruv Srinivasan, University of Maryland undergraduate and quantum hardware intern learned about the bring-up of quantum computers, and the “many facets of the quantum stack, where I worked on both the room-temperature electronics cooling, as well as the calibration of the amplification of a chain of qubits.”

For more advice from previous interns, take a look at last year’s blog. Though familiarity with quantum computing is not required, we suggest candidates consider getting acquainted with with Qiskit. We have also revamped the IBM Quantum Learning platform, making it easier than ever to hone your quantum computing skills and make yourself a more competitive candidate. Check out the IBM Quantum Learning platform.

IBM Quantum interns, class of 2023.

IBM Quantum interns, class of 2023.

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