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Get ready for the IBM Quantum Challenge: Spring 2023

The IBM Quantum Challenge is back with a new challenge: run dynamic circuits on a 127-qubit processor.

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4 May 2023

Brian Ingmanson

Are you up for the IBM Quantum Challenge: Spring 2023, running from May 17 to 24? Register.

We can’t bring useful quantum computing to the world alone. We need the help from the broader quantum community, and you, our users, to make this all happen. That’s why IBM Quantum leads the industry in open education investments — and that’s why we’re excited to bring you the IBM Quantum Challenge: Spring 2023, from May 17-24.

The IBM Quantum Challenges are an opportunity for novice and seasoned quantum learners, alike. You’ll get the chance to learn and hone your quantum computing skills by tackling five labs that will put your knowledge to the test. And this year, all participants will be able to run circuits on a 127-qubit IBM Quantum Eagle processor.

Each year, IBM Quantum releases a public challenge as part of our ongoing global education initiatives. The challenge is free to participate in, and is meant to give participants a deeper understanding of a specific quantum topic. Previous challenges have introduced participants to foundational algorithms like Variation Quantum Eigensolver (VQE), and cutting-edge technology like Qiskit Runtime

Learn more about Qiskit Runtime capabilities, and how they are being integrating into use cases, here.


The first-ever IBM Quantum Challenge was issued three years ago on this exact day: May the fourth. That date is an important one for IBM. It marks the anniversary of the first quantum computer put online for the world to use, on May 4, 2016. Since that first system in 2016, we now have the largest fleet of quantum computers in the world for clients and the community at large to use over the cloud.

Layout of IBM's five superconducting quantum bit device.

The layout of IBM's five superconducting quantum bit processor — the processor in the world’s first quantum device put online on May 4, 2016.

Advancing dynamic circuits

This year’s challenge will focus on dynamic circuits, a technology that makes it easier to run more-advanced quantum algorithms. Dynamic circuits allow you to include classical processing during the runtime of the circuit. This allows you to complete functions like resetting a qubit value to zero to reuse it in the same circuit, or take a measurement in the middle of a circuit and feed it forward to use later in the circuit.

This spring’s challenge consists of five labs, each containing tutorial content and practice exercises to test your learning. By the end of the challenge, you’ll know how to implement dynamic circuits, and how we’re using them to help with error mitigation and quantum teleportation. The IBM Quantum Challenge is exactly that: a challenge. Some labs will be relatively easy, while others should put your knowledge to the test.

The IBM Quantum Challenge is exactly that: a challenge. Some labs will be easy, while others should test your knowledge. Register now.

The IBM Quantum Challenge isn’t just about deepening your skills — it’s also meant to connect you to the quantum community at large. We’ll have a dedicated Discord server for participants to talk with each other and get help from a team of mentors. We hope this experience will turbocharge your exploration of IBM Quantum hardware and software, while providing an opportunity to network with members of the IBM Quantum and Qiskit community.

The IBM Quantum Challenge: Spring 2023 runs from May 17-24. Registration is open.

If you’re not able to register, we’ll still offer the challenge content for free via GitHub for you to run locally.

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