IBM Quantum Network

IBM Quantum Network is a community of Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, startups and national research labs working with IBM to advance quantum computing.

We are committed to accelerating and scaling quantum computing by partnering with industries and fostering a growing ecosystem.
People putting together a IBM Quantum system

Focus areas

Accelerate research

Participating organizations are empowered with the knowledge and tools needed to collaboratively and individually advance the field of quantum computing and drive adoption.

Develop applications

The IBM Quantum Network is collectively forging the path to quantum advantage. Participating organizations access IBM’s most advanced quantum systems through the IBM cloud and have access to proprietary Qiskit extensions. Qiskit is an open source, modular, and extensible quantum programming framework.

Educate & prepare

Professionals across industry and academia need new skills to capitalize on quantum computing. As part of the IBM Quantum Network, organizations receive support, training, and enablement from IBM's industry-leading technical experts.

Meet the IBM Quantum

These businesses, academic institutions, startups and research organizations are part of the IBM Quantum Network and putting quantum to use.

“Being part of the IBM Quantum Network enables us to perform state-of-the-art quantum computing research using IBM Q technology, while helping IBM Quantum Hub at Keio University members to explore their own quantum strategy.”

- Kohei Itoh
Dean of the Keio Graduate School of Science and Technology

Kohei Itoh stands at the IBM Q
Network Hub at Keio University

Join the IBM Quantum Network

Imagine if you could travel back in time to better prepare yourself for the rise of the Internet or mobile devices. That’s the opportunity that exists now with quantum computing. Discover your organization's quantum strategy today with the IBM Quantum Network.