Flexible mainframe development and test on x86 hardware

IBM Z® Development and Test Environment is a platform for mainframe application development, testing, demonstration and education. It enables any z/OS® software to run on a x86-compatible on-premise system or cloud instance by emulating the IBM Z instruction sets and using virtual CPs, I/O, and other devices. Z Development and Test Environment Enterprise Edition is a role-based offering (providing both a web interface and RESTful APIs) that allows you to create, manage and deploy your emulated environments for development and test activities.


Gain agility

Virtualize and reset z/OS on x86 hardware for prototyping and z/OS software version to version migration.


Gain the cost advantages of a distributed development and test system while freeing up mainframe capacity for more valuable production workloads.

Test early and often

Achieve higher quality and quicker delivery with a high fidelity z/OS development and test environment (hardware emulation, not software emulation).

Access latest z/OS runtimes

Use a preconfigured package of IBM Z software that includes z/OS and middleware, such as CICS®, IMS™ and Db2®, including z/OS components of multiple DevOps for Enterprise Systems tools.

Build your team’s mainframes skills

Conduct IBM Z education virtually any time and anywhere by using Intel and Intel-compatible platforms—and experiment without fear of harming mainframe production environments.

IBM Z Development and Test Environment features

  • z/OS development and test on x86 hardware on-prem and cloud
  • Web based interface for self service build and deployment
  • Docker Provisioning (New in V13)
  • Improved User Interface (New in V13)
  • Current levels of the IBM z/OS middleware
  • IBM Z education environment
  • Cloud integration with OpenStack
  • RESTful API for DevOps pipeline integration

Which option is right for you?

Personal Edition

Enables a single user to run an IBM® Z distribution on a personal computer.

Enterprise Edition

Enables enterprises to host an IBM Z distribution on low-cost Intel-based x86 machines.

Parallel Sysplex

Used to enable a Sysplex environment that is running within z/VM®.