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What IBM Transparent Data Migration Facility can do for you

IBM® Transparent Data Migration Facility (TDMF®) z/OS® is host-based software that enables local or global data migration for storage attached to IBM z/OS mainframes across multivendor environments. It provides data migration for both z/OS and z/VM.
TDMF is vendor independent as well as user-initiated and controlled. It allows for full system sharing throughout the data center and guarantees full access to the data at any point during a migration operation. It also supports dynamic takeover on the part of the target device while applications remain online. New storage subsystem technologies can be brought in with minimal disruption.


Switch to new storage without disruption

Dynamic swap provides continuous application availability during migration.

Lose nothing if new storage issues arise

TDMF lets you fall back to old storage in case of issues with the new storage. The switchback facility is designed for swap migration, providing the option to fall back to the original configuration.

Automate migration

Prevent manual intervention that could affect storage performance and availability.

Reduce cost and complexities

Save money and time with TDMF’s compatibility across heterogeneous environments – allowing you to adopt new technologies faster.

Better track and validate data transfers

TDMF tracks and validates data transfers using a standard mobility process. Avoid the risk of data corruption and ensure the integrity of your critical business applications during a migration.

Key features of Transparent Data Migration Facility z/OS

  • Why use IBM Transparent Data Migration Facility z/OS?
  • Enable continuous application availability
  • Compatibility with multivendor storage environments
  • Tracking and validating the migration process
  • The TDMF z/VM agent