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How to order physical media for Rational Product Software through PAO

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How do you request the physical media for IBM Rational Product Software through Passport Advantage Online (PAO)?


If you use Passport Advantage (PA) or Passport Advantage Express program, you can access PA online account where Software Downloads and Media Access section provides a selection to order physical media.


At Passport Advantage Online Software download and media access allows you to obtain product upgrades that are covered under Software Subscription and Support. These licenses can be downloaded or ordered on physical media (such as a CD)

  1. Go to the Passport Advantage landing page
  2. Click on the Passport Advantage Online tab and select Customer sign in
  3. Sign in and proceed to Software Downloads and Media Access from left navigation bar
  4. Check I agree at Terms for Passport Advantage and click Continue
  5. Click Media Access tab
  6. Click Media Finder
  7. Click All Media
  8. Click Expand All and check box to select desired products
  9. Click Add to Cart

If you Select the "Learn About" link on the right hand side of the page, you can read this information:

    Downloading & ordering software media

    You are presented with (2) options. You may select to access Software Downloads by clicking on the "Software download" tab or proceed to "media access" where you may request to have no charge media shipped to you. Your company is restricted on the number of media shipments it can place for each product. Allowable order quantities for media packs are defined as part of the Passport Advantage program.

    ** Please note: The ability to order Software media is available for Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express. This functionality will be provided to other program offerings at a later date.

    Media access

    Provides you the ability to order software on physical media (e.g. CD's) at no charge for products which you have covered under Software Subscription and Support. If the maximum quantity under your entitlement has already been ordered, you may still download your software.

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16 June 2018