Amazon EKS integration 
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How it works

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) is a managed Kubernetes service that makes building, deploying and upgrading clusters easier. It also provides basic views into your EKS clusters. With IBM® Turbonomic® software managing EKS resources, you help ensure the performance of applications running on EKS. Additionally, you can view your EKS clusters alongside other distributions, whether it’s Azure Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine, Red Hat® OpenShift® or any other upstream version of Kubernetes.

IBM Turbonomic software also stitches Kubernetes container, pod, node and namespace visibility to the rest of the application stack. For even smarter resourcing decisions, IBM Turbonomic software can integrate with AppDynamics and Dynatrace, giving you visibility into the business applications and transactions the Kubernetes platform supports and the relationships between applications and infrastructure. Likewise, IBM Turbonomic software can stitch Kubernetes to the underlying infrastructure, whether it is on-prem hypervisors or clouds. This allows you to confidently scale out or up knowing that there is enough capacity to support that increase in demand.

Data discovered


  • Services
  • Containers
  • Container pods
  • Container nodes
  • Projects (namespaces)
  • Workload controllers
  • Container specs
  • Volumes
  • Virtual machines


  • Response time

  • Transactions

  • vMem

  • vMem request 

  • vCPU

  • vCPU request

  • vCPU throttling

  • vMem request quota 

  • vCPU request quota

  • vMem limit quota

  • vCPU limit quota

  • Infrastructure-dependent commodities 

Actions generated

  • Suspend

  • Resize container up/down

  • Move pod

  • Provision vMem

  • Provision vCPU

  • vMem requests

  • vCPU requests

  • Number of consumers

  • Move virtual machine

  • Move virtual machine storage

  • Reconfigure storage

  • Reconfigure virtual machine

Supported versions

  • IBM Turbonomic software supports all upstream versions of Kubernetes
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