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IBM Turbonomic overview

Learn how application resource management turns observability into action with AI-driven automation.

IBM Turbonomic and ServiceNow

Learn how this integration helps you work at DevOps to ensure application performance. 

IBM Turbonomic for Azure

Learn how to get performance-first optimization of your Azure deployment.

IBM Turbonomic for AWS

Learn how to control AWS cloud complexity and assure app performance.

IBM Turbonomic and Instana

Learn the benefits of combining app performance monitoring (APM) with application resource management (ARM).

White papers and ebooks

Smarter AIOps

Put AI-powered automation to work to help assure application performance.

Automating Application-driven Container Elasticity

For platform and DevOps engineers looking to operationalize speed to market.

Why AIOps? Application Performance

Explore the ways the modern application era is transforming organizations.

Assure App Performance with AIOPs

Learn why you need AIOps and IT automation for smarter resource management.

Accelerating the Journey to Carbon Neutrality

Learn pragmatic solutions and best practices for Sustainable IT.


Are Your Data Centers Keeping You From Sustainability?

Automating application resource management should be your first step in the sustainability journey.

Mastering Cloud Cost Optimization: Frameworks for Success

Explore frameworks used by organizations that’ve found digital transformation and cloud optimization success.

Mastering Cloud Cost Optimization: The Principles

Get your cloud spend under control without negatively affecting application performance.

5 IA Strategies for the IT Talent Shortage

Explore intelligent automation recommendations designed to help top IT talent thrive.

Cloud Elasticity vs. Cloud Scalability

Learn the difference between cloud elasticity and cloud scalability and how the concepts apply to your business.


What is AIOps?

Learn how artificial intelligence simplifies IT operations management.

What is cloud monitoring?

Learn how to monitor and optimize the performance of websites, apps and cloud services.

What is Application Performance Management?

Learn how APM enables your organization to predict performance issues.

What are IT Operations?

Learn how ITOPs and AIOPs can oversee and automate IT services throughout your organization.